Dr Oz: Phobias & Fears: Dr Oz Fear Of Heights & Overcoming Fears


Dr Oz did a show called Master Your Fears: Overcoming Phobias, because 19 million Americans have some type of phobia.  Even Doctor Oz has a Fear of Heights!  If you or anyone you know has a phobia or fear, definitely pass this article on because the list of 4 Steps to Overcome Fears is a great way to help people get over their fears and phobias!

Dr Oz: Fears & Phobias

Dr Oz listed a whole bunch of different phobias – some I had never even heard of.  Here is the list: Dr Oz Overcoming Phobias


  1. Joann says

    How is Dr. Oz today and his fear of heights? Height equals being seen and ability to stay above it all. There is a frequency, negative belief, maybe even a body position etc. associated with holding all fears and phobias — you can climb polls and make great decisions, but if that frequency is stuck in you, you can’t do it for long. The fear will return in different ways, it’s very creative…like those members of his profession wanting him brought down. We only get what we resonant with, most of what we resonate with is subconscious. If I could send him information about this, please let me know. Thanks

    Great show. A lot of information. Always taking notes myself.

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