Dr Oz: Pica Eating Disorder & Pica Addiction: How To Cure Pica

Dr Oz did a segment on the World’s Weirdest Eating Disorder and then followed it up with some answers about how to help yourself if you have Pica.  Doctor Oz said that the first step is to figure out exactly what kind of damage Pica is doing to your body so he did some test on boy Alexis and Saneika.

Dr Oz: Pica, Iron Deficiency & Vitamin D

Dr Oz did a test and found that both Alexis and Saneika were very Anemic, which  means that their blood cells are tortured and much smaller than normal blood Dr Oz Pica Eating Disordercells, which can make you exhausted and tired.  Iron Deficiency is a common cause of Pica, as well as a common effect of Pica.  Dr Oz also tested both ladies for Vitamin D and found it was very low, which makes their bones brittle.  Saneika’s Vitamin D level was 6 and the least we tolerate is 30.  Dr Oz said that means her bones are so brittle that they can easily break.  Right now she is 22 but by the time she is 30 she will feel like an old lady.  Alexis has already been told that she has the bones of a 70 year old woman.

Dr Oz: How To Cure Pica

Dr Sue Varma said that the first step is to replace nutritional deficiencies – so increase the iron and vitamin D in both of these women’s cases.  Second, you need to talk about the psychological problems behind it, because they almost always exist.  If you have low Seratonin or Dopamine, then you can get medication from a doctor or you can get Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Dr Oz: What Causes Pica

Dr Sue Varma asked each lady what is the trigger in their life that causes their Pica.  Saneika said that she has three kids and is in school, so stress causes her Pica.  Alexis said it is a combination of anxiety and stress of the to do list in her case.  Dr Varma asked each lady to think of one distraction that could take their mind off of their Pica.  Saneika said for her it is listening to music and shopping – but Dr Varma said that with shopping she has to keep it to under $10 or she will have another problem.  For Alexis, she said that being with people distracts her because she does not feel comfortable eating these things in front of other people because they will think it is weird.

Dr Oz: Pica Addiction

Dr Oz asked another woman who was addicted to eating cigarette ashes how hard it is to recover from a Pica Addiction.  She said that she was also iron deficient, but once she got iron back into her body, it helped to break the physical craving of the cigarette ashes.  She said that shame was what forced her to get help.  She did not smoke, but she ate cigarette ashes.  So she would follow smokers outside and practically beg them for their cigarette ashes.  Dr Oz found two therapists to help Alexis and Saneika to get over their Pica Eating Disorders.


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