Dr Oz: Pickle Juice Hangover Remedy & Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Cleaner


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Have you ever wondered what it is like to be friends with Dr. Oz? If you could ask him anything, what would it be? Today find out What Dr. Oz Really Tells his Friends and Family and some of his closest friends share their favorite Dr. Oz advice!

Dr Oz: Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Cleaner

Some of Dr. Oz’s closest friends shared the best advice they ever got from America’s favorite doctor and here is what they said:

  • Michelle, Dr. Oz’s best friend from college, says he always told her to never send out an email if you are feeling overly emotional. She also shared the little knows fact that Dr. Oz’s favorite music is bluegrass.
  • Dr. Oz’s friend and trainer, Donovan, says he is always an early bird who shows up 5 minutes early to all of their workout sessions. He also shared that Dr. Oz helped him control of his pasta cravings.
  • Dr. Oz’s younger sister, Seval, says he taught her to use the cap of a hydrogen peroxide bottle to pour out just enough to clean the germs from the inside of her ears.
  • Dr. Oz’s college roommate, Billy, says the best advice he ever got from Dr. Oz is to take several short naps throughout the day.
  • You might not know this, but Dr. Oz’s cousin Meredith shared that he is obsessed with babies and loves to be around them. The best tip he ever gave her was to sneak spices into food as a way to develop a child’s palette.

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Dr Oz: Pickle Juice Hangover Remedy & Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Cleaner

Dr Oz says to drink about 1/4 cup of pickle juice to get rid of a hangover and his friend Gary vouches that it really works!

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