Dr Oz: Pink Urine, Dark Yellow Urine, Greasy Toilet Bowl Water

Dr Oz’s new mantra is Stop, Look, Then Flush!  Why? Because Doctor Oz said that your pee and poop are good indicators of your health.  Before you flush the toilet, stop and pay attention to see if you have any of the following problems.

Dr Oz: Dark Yellow Urine Means Dehydration

Dr Oz said that if you are dehydrated, your urine will have a dark color.  The darker it is, the Dr Oz Floating Poopmore dehydrated you are.  Dr Oz said that if you have Florescent Pee that almost glows in the dark, that is often caused by B Vitamins.  Your urine goes through your kidneys and your body can pull back whatever water it wants and needs.  All the waste that is left over goes out in your urine.  If you are dehydrated, the liquid all gets absorbed by your body and so you get a dark colored urine. Dr Oz said that if you are dehydrated, you should try drinking Coconut Water which is full of electrolytes that helps to re-hydrate you fast.  Also, eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Dr Oz: Pink Urine Means UTI or Cancer

Dr Oz said that if your urine looks light pink in the toilet bowel, that means you have blood in your urine.  This is a serious sign because just 1-2 drops of blood can turn the whole toilet bowl light pink.  If you are under the age of 40, blood in your urine is often a sign of a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).  If you are 40 or above, Dr Oz said he worries about cancer as well.

Dr Oz: Horseradish for UTI

Dr Oz said that if you have a UTI, horseradish is a great home remedy.  Horseradish has oils in it that are anti-bacterial, and what is better than natural foods to deal with these medical issues!

Dr Oz: Greasy Poop

Dr Oz said that if you have greasy, light brown water in your toilet, which is sometimes accompanied by Floating Poop, this can mean many things but it all boils down to malabsorption.  If you have Celiac Disease for example and you have too much fat in your diet, you can get Floating Poop. Dr Oz showed how when you drop raw potatoes into water, they sink.  However, if you drop greasy fried potatoes into water they float.  If you have Celiac Disease, you cannot absorb the fat, so you should eat extra fiber to help carry it out of your body.


  1. Juli says

    Dr. Oz, how much horseradish and for how long for a UTI? I get them often and I love HR so this would be a convenient treatment!

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