Dr Oz: Plagues of Women Over 40: Sage Extract for Night Sweats

Dr Oz’s Ultimate Countdown Show started with the 6 Plagues of Women Over 40.  Doctor Oz said that when a woman reaches the age of 40, your body is on a downward slide in which you may encounter 6 plagues that can rob you of your youth and vitality.  Here are Dr Oz’s ways to fight off these plagues! Dr Oz Sage Extract for Night Sweats

6. Mid-Life Weight Gain Cure L-Arginine

Dr Oz said that women over 40 often get Mid-Life Weight Gain because your metabolism decreases by 5% every 10 years.  You do not get more fat cells, it is just that your blood supply keeps providing nutrients to your fat cells so they grow bigger and bigger.  You may also see an increase in cellulite.  Dr Oz said that the average female gains 12-15 pounds during Menopause.  But you can avoid the Mid-Life Weight Gain by taking the Metabolism Booster called L-Arginine Powder, which you can get for $30 at health stores.  L-Arginine helps your body to burn off calories and to maintain muscle mass.  L-Arginine is an amino acid and is found naturally in nuts or watermelon.  Dr Oz said that if you are going to take the L-Arginine Powder, you should take 2 grams 3 times a day.  I loved Dr Oz’s watermelon popsicle idea for kids, where you put a piece of watermelon on a popsicle stick instead of sugary popsicles!

5. Iron for Exhaustion

Dr Oz’s 5th Health Plague for Women Over 40 is exhaustion.  Iron deficiency and Anemia often cause exhaustion.  Dr Oz suggested that women over 50 take 8 mg of iron a day and women under 50 should take 18 mg of iron every day.  You can also eat iron rich foods like red meat, shellfish, orange juice (which increases iron absorption), and apparently even a tiny bit of vodka!

4. Magnesium for Bloating

Dr Oz’s 4th Health Plague for Women Over 40 is bloating caused by fluid retention.  Your intestines have cells that usually absorb water, but at the age of 40 these cells change a bit and as you add water, the intestinal wall grows and you get more and more bloated.  Dr Oz said that by taking 200 mg of magnesium every day you can reduce bloating.  Besides, we should be taking Calcium and Magnesium anyway!

3. Folic Acid for Memory Loss

Dr Oz’s 3rd Health Plague for Women Over 40 is memory loss, which is often caused by Homocysteine and may even be linked to Alzheimers Disease.  Dr Oz said that Folic Acid destroys Homocysteine so that it cannot make your arteries inflamed.  So eat foods with folate in them like spinach, papaya or chick peas.  Dr Oz suggested eating 2 servings of folate-rich foods every day.

2. Dr Oz’s Calcium Cocktail for Bone Density

Dr Oz’s 2nd Health Plague for Women Over 40 is bone density.  After the age of 40, fractures become more common.  Bone is strengthened by calcium and minerals, but as you age, your body cannot replenish your calcium and minerals as quickly as it is lost, so your bones become brittle.  Dr Oz said to take a daily Calcium Cocktail of 600 mg Calcium, 400 mg Magnesium and 1400 IU Vitamin D, which makes sure the calcium goes to your bones.

1. Sage Extract for Night Sweats

Dr Oz’s Top Health Plague for Women Over 40 are Night Sweats.  Your body uses sweat naturally to eliminate heat from your body.  However, with night sweats, your system gets kicked into overdrive for no real reason.  Dr Oz said that Sage Extract is a cure for Night Sweats.  You just put some Sage Extract into a glass of water that you drink, and Dr Oz said that you can do this for up to 3 months to regulate your body’s temperature.



  1. Karen Lynn Blake says

    This is unbelievable but it really works!!!!! I was skeptical but not a any more. Thanks Dr. Oz

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