Dr Oz Plastic Surgery Remove Red Mark Under Eye: Live On Dr Oz Show

Dr Oz brought Dr Arthur Perry, a plastic surgeon, back to make Doctor Oz the patient on his own show!  Dr Oz said that he has a red mark under his eye from his sister when they were younger, and Dr Perry and Jimmy Fallon used a laser to remove the mark.

Dr Oz: Red Mark Under Eye

Dr Oz was the first born male in a Turkish family, so he said that he got a lot of attention which made his sister jealous.  Dr Oz’s Sister said that he was mischievous as Dr Oz Got Plastic Surgerya kid growing up.  One day Dr Oz was playing basketball outside (he was around 13 years old at the time), and Dr Oz’s Sister accidentally tossed a rock at his face.  He swears that he was in an operating room getting plastic surgery to reconstruct his face, but his sister says that this is not true and that nobody in their family even remembers any of this happening.  Ah, sibling rivalry in the Oz Family!

Dr Oz Live Surgery

Dr Arthur Perry and Jimmy Fallon used a laser to remove the red spot from under Dr Oz’s eye.  Dr Oz placed steel goggles on his eyes to protect himself from the laser.  And everyone in the audience also wore glasses to protect their eyes from the laser.  Then, the doctor put a cold gel on Dr Oz’s face but he got no Anesthesia.  Then they fired the laser at the red spot and increased the intensity as they kept firing the laser.  Dr Oz said that it hurt a lot, but after just a few seconds the red spot was gone!



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