Dr Oz: PMS Attack Plan: Chaste Tree Berry Extract & Vitamin B6


Doctor Oz did a segment on Menstrual Cramps & Fibroid Cramps, which he followed up with a segment on a PMS Attack Plan to fight off even the worst PMS nightmares. Here are Dr Oz’s 4 simple steps to having an easier period. Dr Oz Chaste Berry Extract

Dr Oz: PMS Attack Plan

1.  Vitamin B6 – Mood Swings

Dr Oz said that our hormones go back and forth, like a yo-yo, and because valium and the hormone progesterone have some similarities, you get big mood swings.  If you take 100 mg of Vitamin B6 you can help reduce irritability and depression.  You can also get vitamin b6 naturally by eating some cashews, hazelnuts or peanuts.  As Dr Oz’s assistant of the day said – eating nuts keeps you from going nuts!  Dr Oz did warn that you should not take twice the amount of vitamin b6 though, because that can actually hurt you.

2.  Chaste Tree Berry Extract – Tender Breasts

Dr Oz said that the estrogen and progesterone fluctuations in your body does crazy things with the fluid retention in your breasts, which is why some women get enlarged or tender breasts during their period.  In addition to wearing a sports bra during your period, it can also help to take Chaste Tree Berry Extract, which comes from a small bush in Southeast Asia.  Dr Oz’s assistant said it tasted like strong mouthwash, but my guess is that it was not minty, but rather the guest was tasting an alcohol-type flavor that reminded her of mouthwash.  Dr Oz did warn that Chaste Berry Extract can interact with birth control pills or certain psychiatric medications, so as always, check with your doctor before trying this natural remedy!

3.  Fiber – Diarrhea

Dr Oz said that your hormones during your period can cause your muscles to contract in your gut, which can cause diarrhea.  Fiber is a great way to combat diarrhea, but take it slowly in small amount, or Dr Oz said it could make the diarrhea worse.  You can also try eating fiber-rich foods like apples and sweet peas.

4.  Magnesium – Bloating

Dr Oz said that both air and fluid can make us bloated during our menstruation.  Also, estrogen effects another hormone that controls how your kidneys hold onto fluids.  Dr Oz said that taking 200 mg of Magnesium can help, and is also good for the “pooping side of you.”  You can also get magnesium naturally in navy beans and pumpkin seeds.

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