Dr Oz: Poison in Food Supply: Mercury, Pesticides & Bisephenol A BPA


Doctor Oz did a show on Poison in The Food Supply including Mercury, Pesticides and Bisphenol A (BPA).  Did you know that there could be poisons in your fruits, vegetables, canned foods and fish?  Dr Oz mentioned that there is a worldwide health crisis, especially now with the major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  How safe is it eat fish from the gulf?  Dr Oz discussed mercury in fish, which causes developmental problems in babies and heart, kidney and brain problems in adults.  Plus, 8% of women have dangerously high mercury levels.  Scary!  Pesticides in our food supply can cause cancer and other health risks, but pesticides are often covering all of the fruits and vegetables that we eat.  And Bisphenol A (BPA) is an ingredient that allows plastic to harden, but can cause Ovarian Cancer, Breast Cancer and other health problems and is often found in the lining of canned foods.  What vegetables and fruits are most important to buy organic?  Which fish has the lowest levels of mercury?  And how can you avoid BPA?  Dr Oz covered all of these topics in his show on Poison in The Food Supply.  Poison in Food Supply

Poison #1: Mercury in Fish

Dr Oz said that mercury is found in just about every single fresh water fish.  Mercury attacks your brain and your body’s nervous system.  Here are symptoms of Mercury Poisoning:

Mercury Poisoning Symptoms:

– Fatigue


  1. lonzo vann says

    working in a veterinarysupply warehouse.and diagnosed with occupational reactive airway.dysfunction in my nails is turn gray purple.my voice changes when I smell a odor and other help .problems in no one will help .and working with pesticides.

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