Dr Oz: Potassium Daily Dose & Potassium Rich Foods


Doctor Oz played a game called “Win Your Daily Dose” on the topic of Potassium.  See how much you know about potassium.  I learned a thing or two!  Potassium Rich Foods

What is the Recommended Daily Intake of Potassium?

Dr Oz said that 4,700 mg is the recommended daily dose of potassium.  You can take potassium supplements, but the best thing is to get potassium through the foods you eat.

Potassium Rich Diets Reduce the Risk of Kidney Stones, Cataract or Asthma?

Kidney Stones!  By eating a diet high in potassium, your reduce your risk of getting kidney stones.

Diets Low in Potassium May Lead to High Blood Pressure?

True, if you do not get enough potassium, it can cause high blood pressure.

Potassium Rich Foods:

– Oranges have 500 mg of potassium and grapefruits are great too

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