Dr Oz: Potatoes & Whole Milk Remedy for Undereye Bags & Puffy Eyes

By on September 15, 2011

Dr Oz: Undereye Bags & Puffy Eye Remedies

Dr Oz said that something all of us are doing at night could be causing us to have bags under our eyes.  Do you know the surprising causes of Puffy Eyes?  And do you want to know some of the easiest and quickest ways to get rid of your Undereye Bags?  Doctor Oz gave three great tips to keep us looking at our best!

Doctor Oz’s first cause of Under-Eye Bags are your sleep position.  If you sleep totally flat without any pillows, like Dr Oz’s assistant said she does, then the water in your body can easily flow to your head and collect under your eyes, causing eye bags.  Dr Oz said he likes to sleep on a wedge pillow because it keeps your head elevated (another bonus is that it is great for people with Acid Reflux Disease!).  However, if you do not like sleeping on a wedge, Doctor Oz also said that you can elevate the mattress itself by placing a block, book or rolled up towel between your mattress and your bed frame to boost your head up a bit.

Dr Oz: Salt Causes Undereye Bags

Dr Oz’s second cause of Puffy Eyes is excess salt in your diet.  Salt causes your body to get bloated, but it also makes water collect under your eyes.  When you eat salty foods, the salt goes from the food into your kidneys where it is sent up to your eyes if it cannot all be absorbed.  As you age, the collage strands in your eye area get weak, and before you know it, you have big bags under your eyes.  So if you have Puffy Eyes, avoid eating salty foods like chips or even chocolate pudding snacks (which have a surprisingly high amount of sodium!).

Dr Oz: Allergens Cause Puffy Eyes

Doctor Oz’s third cause for Puffy Eyes are allergens or things that irritate our eyes.  Whether it is dust in your house, pollen in the air Dr Oz Puffy Eye Remedy (which gets deposited on your clothes, hair and pillow), pet dander or fragrances from products you use to wash your clothes or home with, all of these allergens can collect in a sack under your eye.  Overtime, these allergens stretch out your skin and you have puffy eyes.  In addition to washing your pillow and pillowcase more frequently, you can try the following Puffy Eye Remedies:

Dr Oz: Milk & Potato Undereye Bag Remedy

Dr Oz gave two great Home Remedies for getting rid of Puffy Eyes.  One Undereye Bag Remedy is to use cold whole milk (yes, whole milk – not skim – you want the fat to be in the milk!), and apply it under your eyes with a cotton ball for 10 minutes.  This is very effective at reducing the puffiness.  The second Puffy Eye Remedy is to apply cold Potato Slices over your eyes for about 10 minutes.  We have all heard and seen people do this with cucumber slices, but potatoes are better because they stay cool for longer and they have an astringent that helps to remove the water from under your eyes.  I have tried a very similar Puffy Eye Remedy that uses grated potatoes, click here to read about it: Under Eye Bags Remedy.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Potatoes & Whole Milk Remedy for Undereye Bags & Puffy Eyes

  1. Monty Sullivan says:

    Does whole Goat’s milk with fat do the same?

  2. Wow potatoes? That’s a first

  3. I used apples. Does it work as well?

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