Dr Oz: Power Couple to Combat Cancer: Turmeric & Yellow Onion Curry

Dr Oz played a game called the Power Couples to Combat Cancer to teach us about how certain food combinations have the power to fight cancer.  For example, chicken and broccoli, avocado and salsa, turmeric and yellow onion, and grilled salmon and watercress.  Doctor Oz’s winner won a $100 gift certificate to Whole Foods, and since both contestants got the exact same score at the end, they each got a Whole Food Gift Certificate!

Dr Oz: Chicken & Broccoli Fight Breast Cancer

Dr Oz asked which vegetable forms a Cancer Fighting Power Couple with chicken?  Carrots?  Broccoli?  Or Corn?  The Dr Oz Cancer Fighting Power Coupleanswer is broccoli, which helps to prevent Breast Cancer.  Chicken contains Selenium, which also helps to prevent Breast Cancer.  However, Dr Oz said that if you eat chicken and broccoli together at the same time, then it is three times more effective at fighting Breast Cancer!

Dr Oz: Avocado & Salsa Fight Cancer

Dr Oz asked which side dish forms a Cancer Fighting Power Couple with avocado?  Beet salad?  Salsa?  Or Cole Slaw?  Dr Oz said that salsa is the perfect combination for avocado, because salsa has tomatoes which is full of lycopene and helps to reduce your risk of Lung Cancer and Bladder Cancer.  The healthy fats found in avocado help you to absorb five times more lycopene.  This is excellent news, because I love Mexican Taco Night!

Dr Oz: Turmeric & Yellow Onions Fight Cancer

Dr Oz asked what spice forms a Cancer Fighting Power Couple with yellow onions?  Turmeric?  Nutmeg?  Or thyme?  The answer is that turmeric and yellow onion (often found in curry dishes) are very helpful for Pre-Cancerous Colon Polyps.

Dr Oz: Watercress & Salmon Fight Cancer

Dr Oz asked which protein source forms a Cancer Fighting Power Couple with watercress?  Grilled Steak?  Grilled Salmon?  Or Grilled Turkey Breast?  The answer is that grilled salmon and watercress limits cancer development and decreases the rate of both Leukemia and Kidney Cancer.

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