Dr Oz: Power of Napping: Ideal Nap Time & Naps Lower Heart Disease

By on January 11, 2011

Dr Oz did a segment called the Power of Napping.  Did you know that a 20 minute nap can do you more good than sleeping for an extra 20 minutes in the morning?  Doctor Oz played a game with two ladies from his audience to answer questions like what disease are you less likely to get if you nap?  When is the ideal time to take a nap?  And how long should you take a nap for in order to boost your memory?

Dr Oz: Naps Lower Heart Disease Risk

Dr Oz’s first question was: “A 30 minute nap, three times a week lowers your risk for what disease? Alzheimer’s Disease, Lung Dr Oz NapDisease or Heart Disease?”  The answer is that a 30 minute nap, three times a week, lowers your risk of Heart Disease.  A study showed that 36% of adults who took naps had a reduction in Heart Disease, probably because naps help to lower blood pressure.

Dr Oz: Ideal Time For a Nap

Dr Oz’s next question was: “If you wake-up at 7 am, when is the ideal time to take a nap? 2 pm? 3 pm? or 4 pm?  Dr Oz said that the ideal time for a nap is 8 hours after you wake-up in the morning.  So if you wake-up at 7 am, then you should take a nap at 3 pm.  Your body is the most tired 8 hours after you wake-up.  Dr Oz said that you should not nap 9 hours or later after you wake-up, because it will mess  up your bed time schedule.

Dr Oz: How Many Minutes to Nap to Boost Memory

Dr Oz’s final question was: “How many minutes do you need to nap in order to boost your memory? 10 minutes? 20 minutes? or 30 minutes?  Dr Oz said that it just takes 10 minutes to boost your memory!  Memory improvement is linked to changes in your brain that occur during a nap almost immediately.  In fact, if you take a nap that is too long, you are more likely to wake up feeling groggy.

Both of Dr Oz’s contestants won the fabulous prize of a sleeping mask!

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