Dr Oz: Power Of Prayer & Joel Osteen


Dr Oz: Joel Osteen & Power of Prayer

Dr Oz did a segment with Joel Osteen and followed it up with this segment on some stories of people whose lives were saved through prayer.  One morning at work, Anna had a shooting pain in her chest. She went home and saw black and blue marks on her chest. She felt it, and it was hard. Immediately, Anna went to the doctor and found out she had three tumors in her breast, with the one the size of an egg. That day, she went home and cried. Almost immediately, she began three different types of chemotherapy and had to be admitted to the hospital after each time. The medical staff told her she would be in and out of the hospital for a long time. This was when she began to pray. The next morning, the nurse told Anna that he heard her praying and that he experienced a miracle. In his hands, he had her medical records. Anna had a normal white cell count. Today, Anna is completely cancer free.



  1. says

    Thanks so much for ur show Joel and prayer..We need more people like u on tv..
    love ur show..my daughter was healed of cancer 14 yrs ago this month and had a baby after she went thru her treatment..long but good story
    they said it wouldnt happen..but another miracle
    dont know how people make it without God…Love Wanda

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