Dr Oz: Power Surgers & Energy Boosters: Blackstrap Molasses & CoQ10

Dr Oz did a segment on Power Surgers and Energy Boosters since so many of us are tired and sluggish.  A lack of sleep is not the only thing that leaves you feeling wiped out.  If you look at a chart of when you desire sleep the most, you will notice that it is at two times: around 1-3 pm and again at night.  This is because of your Circadian Rhythm.  Doctor Oz said that four things most influence your energy levels: stress, sleep, diet and oxygen.  Oxygen is a particularly interesting concept, and one that is often spoke about in Alternative Medicine because it is so crucial to providing us with energy.  Here is Dr Oz’s power surge list to boost your energy when you reach your peak of tiredness.  Dr Oz Oxygen Boosts Energy

Dr Oz: Why Oxygen Gives You Energy

Dr Oz said that our body produces red blood cells that move throughout our body and carry oxygen.  If there is a part of your body that does not have a lot of oxygen, the blood cells will go to that area and release oxygen there.  Then they go out looking for more oxygen to pick up.  The real question is can we do something to make our red blood cells more effective?  Dr Oz said that subtle changes in Oxygen make a big difference.  This is why the last energy booster on Dr Oz’s Power Surge List has to do with increasing your oxygen!

Power Surger #1: CoQ10 Spray or Supplements

Dr Oz has been talking about CoQ10 a lot lately, for a whole slew of different health issues.  My husband and I have begun taking CoQ10 Supplements, but it is interesting that Dr Oz said you can also get a CoQ10 spray.  CoQ10 is made naturally in our cells but it decreases as we age.  This is why people in their 50’s say they notice an increase in energy when taking CoQ10.

Power Surger #2: Blackstrap Molasses

Dr Oz said that Blackstrap Molasses is the dark brownish color that is used in baked beans, and it is a great energy booster.  It has lots of iron in it, which helps out your red blood cells.

Power Surger #3: Trail Mix

Trail mix has energy boosting nutrients like the magnesium found in nuts.

Power Surger #4: Breathing Exercise

Dr Oz said that this is his favorite energy booster.  You put on hand on your belly button, and as you inhale for 4 seconds, you should feel your belly pushing out.  And then exhale for 4 seconds and really pull your belly button towards your spine.

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