Dr Oz: Prescription for Addiction – Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic


Doctor Oz did a segment on Prescription Drug Abuse in a segment called “Prescription for Addiction.”  Dr Oz said that the number of cases of cocaine, heroine and ecstasy abuse put together is less than the number of cases of prescription drug abuse in America.  All of us have heard about accidental overdoses among celebrities like Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson and Elvis.  The scariest part is that these accidental overdoses are from prescription drugs that doctor’s prescribe, not illegal drugs.  Some celebrities have successfully gone through prescription drug rehab, like Matthew Perry and Mindy McCready.  Doctor Oz was joined by Mindy McCready, country music star of albums like “I’m Still Here”, Janice Min and Charles Sophy, author of Side by Side: The Revolutionary Mother-Daughter Program for Conflict-Free Communication.Prescription Drug Abuse


  1. Live&Love says

    It’s mind blowing what an epidemic prescription drug abuse has become! I read another article that stated some states, like Florida, don’t even regulate the drugs that are being abused. It’s truly heartbreaking!

  2. Live&Love says

    It’s mind blowing what an epidemic prescription drug abuse has become! And to think that some states are still monitoring their distribution properly. It’s terrible!

  3. JennG says

    It is really common. There’s another story about it that makes the point that women are prescribed mood-altering drugs twice as often as men.

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