Dr Oz: Prescription Pain Killer Addiction Warning Signs


Dr Oz: Prescription Pain Killer Addiction in Portsmouth Ohio

Dr Oz did a show called Prescription Pain Killers In Your Town?  Doctor Oz said that a Prescription Pain Killer Addiction has been on the rise, with over 5 million people in America hooked on them.  These people are you, your friends, your neighbors, and your family members.  So please keep your eyes open for the Prescription Drug Addiction Warning Signs and send this article to as many people as you possibly can.

Dr Oz: Prescription Drug Addiction

Doctor Oz said that there is a Prescription Drug Crisis going on in Portsmouth, Ohio, where there are more addicts Dr Oz Prescription Drug Addictionper capita than anywhere else in America.  1 in 10 babies in Portsmouth, Ohio are being born addicted to Prescription Drugs like Oxycotin.  And the number of Oxycotin Addicts in Portsmouth are 5 times the national average.  A teen named Garrett Maloney is just one of many people who were murdered by people trying to get their hands on more Prescription Pills.  Angie Pelphrey or Angela said that she became a full blow addict in just a month and a half, and she was a nurse and the wife of a pastor.  Charles Horner, the chief of police in Portsmouth, said that money and greed are the perpetrators here.


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