Dr Oz: Prescriptions Drugs You Should Not Take – Dr Joe Mercola

Dr Joe Mercola: Prescription Drugs To Avoid

Dr Oz spoke with Dr Mercola about Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Doctor.  Dr. Joe Mercola is an advocate of holistic health, so it’s no secret that he is not in favor of taking prescription drugs. In this segment, Dr Mercola gave Dr Oz the 3 drugs that he says you should never take; Statins, blood pressure lowering drugs and antidepressants. Read on to find out why and what remedies he suggests instead.

Dr Mercola: Statins

Statins- Statins are cholesterol lowering drugs. Dr Oz Prescription Drugs To Avoid Dr Oz told Dr. Mercola that he witnessed devastating damage of elevated cholesterol, so why would he be against lowering cholesterol? Dr. Mercola believes that we are overusing this drug. According to Dr. Mercola, 1 in 4 Americans are currently taking this drug. While statins contain some benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties, he would never give statin to one of his patients. Instead, he would have the patient look at their diet and replace the bad fats with good fats. Statins only treat the condition. You want to get to the root of the condition and keep it from occurring and that’s what changing your diet will do. Dr Oz agreed that too many people are relying on statins instead of changing the diet.

Dr Mercola: Blood Pressure Drugs

-Blood Pressure Lowering Drugs- These are drugs we take for hypertension. According to Dr. Mercola, some people have falsely elevated hypertension. He felt that you needed to optimize your diet and replace carbs with healthy fats. You need to treat the cause of the disease and you can’t do that with a drug. Change your diet instead. Dr Oz noted that even after some people have changed their diet, the blood pressure was still high. Dr. Mercola suggested using supplements like magnesium (400 mg) or eating more bitter melon and olive leaf extract. Dr Oz admitted to being okay with these natural remedies, however suggested that patients with high blood pressure should not just stop their medications. Speak to your doctor first.

Dr Mercola: Antidepressants

-Antidepressants- Dr. Mercola admitted that this is a very controversial area so we need to be sensitive about it. He suggested treating the underlying cause of the depression. He recommended comprehensive lifestyle programs, such as exercise and speaking to a therapist. White exposure is an alternative for seasonal depression. Cut out sugar or use St. John’s Wort, which is a natural supplement. Dr Oz agreed with talking to a therapist, however, those that are severely depressed may still need medication for now. Talk to your doctor.


  1. Rosalee Adams says

    I have been using red rice yeast for sometime as my diet, which is good, did nothing to control high lipids…………I supplement with CO-Enzyme Q10 which is the key to problems with statin RX e.g. Mevachor and Lipitor etc.
    I have had no problem.
    I also use a natural formula for HP……….I had an overactive pituitary as a result of a tumor and it has left me with HP even now………….
    I think you can make generalized statements about all of this, but some common sense is involved too………..but all that aside, you can use alternatives which my naturopath has RXd which is maybe what Dr. Mercola suggests.
    I hope that is the case because to suggest it ALL can be done through diet is

  2. Sue says

    Am so afraid Dr. Oz is going to be sued over things like this..just having people on like Dr. Mercola is iffy. People do do all the diet changes and exercise but are still left with these conditions.. Am not an advocate for taking a lot of pills but if they’re needed..just saying…

  3. Gail Skenn says

    As a long time follower of Dr. Mercola, I was disappointed to find nothing on his website that addresses the devastating effects that Lichens Sclerosis Et Atrophia patients suffer from. PLEASE, Dr. OZ, do a segment on that for us sufferers!!

  4. aranka says

    Thinking about-what kind drugs used your grandparents? Enough for you too.
    Your body do not need drug just self healing helper – good brand vitamines.

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