Dr Oz: Prevent A Heart Attack Monday Morning: Weekend Challenge

Dr Oz Weekend Challenge

Dr Oz’s Weekend Challenge

Doctor Oz started off his Weekend Challenge by giving some advice on how to revamp our health this weekend.  But he save the most important thing to do this weekend for this segment.  Dr James Beckerman said that Monday Morning is like a ticking time-bomb because your blood pressure spikes, your cholesterol is higher and your blood is thicker so that platelets want to clot early in the morning.  This is all why Dr Oz says that Monday Morning are the most common time to have a Heart Attack.  Dr Oz said that if all of us do the following things this weekend, we will save a life.  So please send this article to all of your family members and friends so that we can help save lives!  I would also highly suggest reading this article on the importance of taking Aspirin to prevent Heart Attacks: Dr Oz Heart Attack 4 Week Plan.

Dr Oz: Southwest Hearty Soup Recipe

Kate Geagan told Doctor Oz that on Sunday Night we all want some comfort food, but this lazy man’s soup is easy and Dr Oz's Weekend Challengegreat for you: Dr Oz Southwest Soup Recipe.  The black beans are rich in folic acid, which reduce inflammation.  Plus, by replacing the animal protein with beans, you lower your risk of having a Heart Attack.  Whole grains like Quinoa, Amaranth or other Ancient Grains are high in polyphenols, protein, iron, fiber and magnesium, which help to relax your blood vessels and to keep your blood pressure low.  Make sure to click here to read the full recipe: Dr Oz Southwest Quinoa Soup Recipe.

Dr Oz: Anti-Blood Clotting Spices

Dr James Beckerman told Dr Oz that he suggests cooking on Sunday with Anti-Blood Clotting Spices or Anti-Thrombotic Spices, which include things like Rosemary, Thyme and Garlic.  As an added bonus, these spices will add tons of flavor without needing to add extra salt.

Dr Oz: Fruit Lowers Cholesterol

Kate Geagan’s final tip is to end your Sunday dinner on a sweet note that is powerful for your health.  Eat fruits like strawberries and kiwi, which have fiber, antioxidants and vitamins that pull the bad cholesterol from your body and thus help to lower your cholesterol levels!

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