Dr Oz: Prevention Power Hour, Prevention Power Pack & Brain Cubes


Dr Oz’s Prevention Power Hour was a show all about how to outsmart the diseases you fear everyday without doctors visits or expensive medications.  Doctor Oz said it is never too late to prevent some of the scariest and deadliest disease with the Dr Oz Prevention Power Pack made up of 5 different color foods a day to prevent Heart Attacks, coffee and vinegar to prevent Diabetes, Brain Cubes to prevent memory loss, an Herb Grinder to prevent bone loss and sweet potatoes to prevent Cancer.

Dr Oz’s Prevention Power Hour

Dr Oz said that you can dramatically reduce your risk of Heart Disease by up to 80%.  Simple changes can reduce your risk of getting Cancer by 60% and Diabetes by up to 90%.  The best Dr Oz Prevention Power Packnews is that you can break bad habits and start good ones at any time to prevent health problems in the future, even if you have been unhealthy up until now.

Dr Oz: Preventive Medicine

Dr Oz was joined by two leaders in Preventive Medicine: Dr Donald Hensrud from the Mayo clinic and Dr Mona Khanna from the University of Illinois.  Dr Oz asked hos is Preventive Medicine different from Traditional Medicine?  In Traditional Medicine, they want to cure a symptom that you already have.  Whereas in Preventive Medicine they try to empower people to prevent disease from ever occurring.  Prevention is about a better quality of life, not just about living longer.  Dr Oz asked why aren’t people doing Preventive Medicine more often?  And Dr Khanna said that the problem is that we cannot measure the effects of Preventive Medicine.  How do you measure the Heart Attack that you never had?  Or the hip fracture or cancer that you never got?  Most people think about immediate day to day changes that they can see.

Dr Oz: 5 Prevention Factors of Longevity

The following are 5 prevention factors of longevity:


  1. Lawrence Hoover says

    Dr. Oz I really like your show it is so helpful. What kind of vinegar are you talking about. Is it apple cider vinegar and how many times a day should we take it for type 2.

  2. John says

    Hello Dr Oz,
    I’ve seen some articles on the internet that say ex-smokers should avoid beta carotene supplements and these can actually increase the risk of lung cancer. The most recent of these articles I saw was from 2010. Does this apply to sweet potatoes? Are these articles no longer considered valid? Thanks.

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