Dr Oz: Primrose Oil for Wrinkles & Black Currant Oil for Split Ends

By on October 6, 2011

Dr Oz: Beauty Booster Supplements

Dr Oz discussed some Beauty Boosters that will not break the bank.  (Say that fast ten times!)  The Beauty Boosters For Under Ten Dollars segment showed Dr Oz Fans how to rid yourself of crow’s feet and wrinkles with Primrose Oil and how to do away with those pesky split ends once and for all with Black Currant Oil.

Dr Oz: Primrose Oil & Crow’s Feet

An audience member complained that she was turning thirty.  (Those of us over Dr Oz Black Currant Oilthirty can now roll our eyes in disgust.)  She would like to get rid of the crow’s feet forming on her face.  Shhhhh!  This is a little known secret that Dr Oz shared with only a gajillion of his fans: Primrose Oil Supplement can help reduce those wrinkles that add age to your face.  Take 500mg twice a day or mix a few drops of the oil with a glass of water and drink it.  There you have it—a wrinkle remedy that’s under ten bucks!

Dr Oz: Black Currant Oil & Split Ends

Another audience member complained of dry, split ends.  As many of you may have already guessed, Dr Oz had a quick fix under ten bucks for that too.  To rid yourself of brittle ends, take 500mg of black currant oil twice a day.  This will help the hair rejuvenate to give you shiny, healthy locks.

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  1. nancy mccarthy says:

    hi never mind i found the ans u can take the pills sorry did not read on thanks you for all that you do at the Dr. oz show

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