Dr Oz: Proxy Form Gives Relatives Right To End Your Life


Dr Oz: Living Will

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Dr. Kenneth Prager, MD, Chairman, Medical Ethics Committee of Columbia University Medical Center, to inform us on the most important thing you should discuss with your family before it’s too late: a proxy.  Get together with family members to fill out paperwork to designate a proxy.  A proxy is a person who can legally speak up for the terminally ill and tell doctors and family members what they want to do (i.e. do they want to be taken off life support, stop medications, etc.).

Dr Oz: Proxy Form

Dr. Kenneth Prager, MD suggested: Dr Oz Proxy Form



  1. warren frisina says


  2. says

    i was unable to find the site where to find the living will and proxy form is located. please send me the link for the site. thank you

  3. Vincent Falcone says

    I have not been able to find the living will and end of life proxy. Is it possible to send it to me via my e-mail address? Thank you.

  4. says

    Please add my name to the list. Concerning “health proxy” , form to have my proxy given to them. I can’t find the form.Please forward the form or give me directions how to find it.

    Thank You

  5. Allean Eseman says

    So, where in the hell is the end of life proxy form? or do we get it through e mail. Not clear on this.

  6. Nancy Priebe says

    I cannot find the end of life prozy form, could you email me and tell me where to look?

  7. Janet Bauduin says

    I am a registered nurse and have worked in the field of oncology as well as nursing homes. I am in total agreement with Montel. A person should have the right to decide for himself how and when to end his life. This should not be a moral issue but a personal issue. I also have seen first hand with family members how difficult this is. My mother at her end stage of life, the doctor only wanted to start amputating, knowing that her quality of life was long gone, she had a living will stating her wishes, and we her children stuck by her wishes, even though the doctor would liked to have kept her going. And let’s not forget what alot of this is really about, (BIG MONEY) for doctors to keep seeing patients for years in these nursing homes with absolutely no quality of life, and residents begging to be let go. Thank you for bringing this to light and thank you Montel.

  8. Joni says

    I cant find the proxy form or the living will to be printed. Please let me know where to find it.

    Thank You,


  9. Lois says

    Can’t find Proxy form in todays program. please send me a form or tell me how to get off your website

  10. says

    Why is it every time Dr. Oz makes a statement that you can find what he is talking about on his website. I have yet to find anything he claims will be here.
    Right now I am looking for the Proxy form talked about in todays program.
    I am starting to think Dr. Oz doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  11. Donna Rice says

    I can’t find the forms that you told us to print off for the Tuesday Nov. 01, 2011. It was concerning preparing for death & talking to our families

  12. Med says

    I am very saddened that Dr. Oz says to go to his web site to get these two forms, Living Will or the Proxy form mention on his show. Is this for real that the forms are found on this web site or just a come on to get people to join his web site.

  13. Donna Ertel says

    Please e-mail the form thet i could not find for proxey and living will. god loves you
    thank you

  14. says

    Dear Dr. Oz:
    Your TV show tonight was one of the most realistic I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching,. your approach to the right to make your own decision to end your life is greatly admired. When there is no cure why should people go through needless pain and suffering, losing all human dignity? It is a heartbreak losing a loved one but to watch them suffer is even more devastating, I speak from recent experience. .I commend you for having the courage to say what needs to be said Continued success to you.

  15. Bonni Wonnacott says

    Please respond, can not find the Proxy Form, Thank you, from Oshawa, Ontaro Canada, I am 66 yrs old, as I need one as well, for my 2 Grown Children,again Thank you.

  16. Phyllis Berenbeim says

    I am trying to locate the Proxy that was discussed on today’s Dr. Oz Show, and can’t seem to get it. Can you advise how to access it?

  17. Jett Cqzier says

    Many of you keep asking Oz for the forms. It says right in the article, and I quote:

    “1. Speak to your physician at your next check up and ask for a proxy form …”

    Those forms are NOT available here!! You get them from your doctor, or from a social worker at a local hospital, your attorney, or just Google it!

  18. says

    Saw the show on tuesday re: right to die, etc………thought I’d share what I did about my living will. I found out from my lawyer that I needed a power of attorney & a DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY. I ‘m a retired nurse & I’ve seen families agree until a terminal state develops……..then the situation changes & relatives can disagree. I named both my sons as my PROXY with my insistence that if there is a disagreement between my sons that the decision automatically goes to the doctor. I also named specifics re: my terminal care , e.g. I want to be kept comfy but no heroic efforts to prolong my life & I was very specific. I also was specific about being a donor. Since one son lives in another state, he agreed that it was wise to name the son who lives here to handle executor duties of legal affairs that need prompt attention of a person that’s available in person. My estate will be divided equally at the time of probate. After all I’ve seen in my career of nursing, I strongly urge all people to have a will, a living will & specifics as I’ve written in this message. Thanks for the show!!!!……………E. Hope ,retired nurse

  19. Orlanda Furiosa says

    Yes, like everyone above cannot download the living will. Why do you make your site so difficult? It is such an important issue and I have always been for it. Have already done my living will and everyone I know knows that I want to die when I think it is right. I don’t understand what “death with dignity” means in your strange vernacular, all I know is that living in a horrible fashion is definitely not dignified.
    Dying is the normal order of things, and we have so many machines and medications to make our lives so very, very long no matter in what condition.
    Make the living will down-loadable.

  20. Orlanda Furiosa says

    …Or don’t brag that you are doing so. That is called lying. You did so on your show and you advertise on your site. What is that?

  21. says

    I saw the show yesterday and this is a subject that I feel very strongly about. I have a living will and my son knows my wishes in the event of a terminal illness or accident. I watched my beloved mother have the life sucked out of her day by day for many years by Parkinson’s Disease. Although I could never assist in suicide or take my own life because of my religious beliefs, I do believe that we should be able to make that decision for ourselves.

  22. Jett says

    Why don’t the owners of this “Dr. Oz Fan Website” post a notice in big bold letters, to respond to these dozens of crazy comments? (including the one post calling Dr. Oz a Liar. COME ON, PEOPLE!)


    (sorry for SHOUTING)

  23. Jett says

    You are correct, Marjie. But *THIS* website that we’re on is NOT Dr. Oz’s “official” website!!!

    This is an “UNofficial”, independent, third-party website for “fans” of Dr. Oz.

    To access the download function for the proxy and living will forms, you all need to switch over to dubya dubya dubya dot doctorOz dot com .

    I hope this makes more sense for you all. (It would be MOST helpful if the owners of this “fan” website would post a notice at the top of this webpage, in big, bold, red, flashing letters and eye-catching animation to explain and clarify this issue!!!!

    Good luck!

  24. Jeff says

    I cannot find the proxy or living will forms on your site. Please email copies of each to me.

    Thank you very much!

  25. sara says

    I also like all this other people cannot that proxy form,I agree that keeping alive is all about money I saw my husband suffer-so much when drs did surgery on his heart valves when he had been on dialysis for over 5 years and he didn’t have much time he wouldve died anyway the dialysis was killing him ,but he had 2 insurances and he 75 yrs old, they just used him as a guinea pig.

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