Dr Oz: Psychic Medium John Edward: Harness Your Psychic Power


Dr Oz and John Edward, Psychic Medium, did a show called Psychic Mediums: Are They The New Therapists?  Doctor Oz was given a 3 step plan to Harness Your Psychic Power so that we can all try to connect with our loved ones who have passed away.

Dr Oz: Psychic Mediums

Dr Oz asked people if they ever had a psychic reading before, and one lady said that she had a phenomenal experience six Dr Oz Psychic Medium John Edwardyears ago with a Psychic Medium.  She wanted to know information about her deceased father, and nobody knew that she called him Jack because she thought he looked like Jack Nicholson.  But the Psychic Medium said to her, does the name Jack Nicholson mean anything to you?  And that is when she was shocked and amazed.

Dr Oz: John Edward Psychic Medium

John Edward told Dr Oz that this is his 25th year being a Psychic Medium, and for the first time ever he put together a book on how to develop intuition.  John Edward’s book is called Infinite Quest, but he said this book is not for people looking for a career, but rather think of it as a pair of glasses to look into the afterlife.  The most important thing to do is to meditate and pray.  Here are the three steps to harness your psychic power:

Dr Oz: How To Harness Your Psychic Power

The 3 step plan by John Edward includes:

1. Journal With The Departed

John Edward said that from the day they pass, you miss them and feel like you cannot connect, but by journaling to them you build an invisible bridge.  You can even setup an email account for the deceased person and send them e-mail whenever you want… even 20 times a day.  It directs your feelings to the deceased person.  Edward told a story about a lady who did this and on the anniversary of her son’s death, she got an old voicemail from him that showed up as new that said that everything was ok (in his voice!).

2. Get Moving

John Edward said that you should walk, talk to friends and change your programming to send a message that the potential is now there.  If you lost someone in your life and death was going deaf, would you stop communicating or learn sign language?  This is another form of Energetic Sign Language.

3. Sit & Listen

John Edward’s final advice is to sit and listen with people who are alive, because this builds a connection now so that when that person passes you have a strong connection, plus there won’t be any lose ends.


  1. Marcia says

    I think that John Edward is an amazing man,with a God given gift. You need a special soul and a genuine love for mankind to be able to do something as great as he does. Once he brings the information to you he tried to help you through it,to understand what just happened and how to incorporate it into you everyday life. My one wish is to get the money together to have a reading from him..
    My best wished will always be with him!

  2. Phyllis says

    I live in Turkey and watch is programme as often as possible and never cease to be amazed at his accuracy. I would love for him to contact somebody for me one day as I feel that the people he has done this for have a real sense of happiness afterwards. I know friends of mine watch the programme in the UK and they too really feel he has a great gift. Thanks John.

  3. says

    I experience clair audio and clair visual on occasion.This is how the spirit operates in the in the material world.

  4. Dot Fish says

    I have read John’s books and really got into them. I will get the new one. I love listening to him on t.v. I feel i am physic also but need to learn how to use the messages I get. I would LOVE to be able to help people who have lost loved ones and help others with there problems and to heal the sick. John Edwards is a REAL physic I’m sure. I get so excited if I hear he’s on t.v. I hope Dr. Oz. has him again. Dot Fish

  5. akiba says

    The Great Magician Harry Houdini spend years exposeing Psychics and Mediums as frauds. He
    offered a cash prize to any medium who could successfully demonstrate supernatural abilities. None were able to do so, and the prize was never collected. Before Houdini died, he and his wife, Bess, agreed to try to contact each other after his death and used a secret codeword to prove that it was actually him. Bess tried for 10 years without sucess, then gave up saying. “ten years is long enough to wait for any man.” (Thus All Mediums a frauds – they use trickery, to prey on the gullible)

  6. Carla vandenberk says

    I lost my best friend in November 2000. I started watching John Edward in my grief. His show was emotional, loving, helpful in getting through my grief. There were tears, but laughter as well. My sister is psychic, my children see angels, I hear them. Not all mediums are frauds. You have to go by word of mouth. The frauds are there to teach you a lesson. Do your homework before handing your money over to a stranger. You`d get referrals for the guy repairing your roof wouldn`t you. John I want to thank you for the work that you do. You`re doing God`s work and it`s exactly what he wants you to do. You are a healer on the earth plane.

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