Dr Oz: Purple Cauliflower, Purple Carrots & Purple Potatoes

Dr Oz Purple Foods

Dr Oz did a segment on Purple Foods like Purple Potatoes, Purple Cauliflower and Purple Carrots.  Doctor Oz said that Purple Foods can help to prevent everything from Heart Disease to Cancer.  Samantha Heller, a Registered Dietician, said that Purple Foods are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that are great for fighting all types of diseases and for improving your brain power.  If you have any thoughts on recipes for any of these Purple Foods, please do share them in the comment section below!

Dr Oz: Purple Potatoes

Dr Oz said that Purple Potatoes reduce your risk of Heart Disease.  Inflammation is one of the things that brings on Cardiac Dr Oz Purple Foodsproblems, so the anti-inflammatory properties found in Purple Foods like Purple Potatoes is great for your heart health!  Another type of potato that Doctor Oz has suggested in the past are Imo Potatoes, which have a similar bright color to them.

Dr Oz: Purple Cauliflower

Doctor Oz said that Purple Cauliflower helps to reduce your risk of getting Cancer.  This Purple Food is high in Vitamin C and is a great Cancer Fighter because it detoxifies your body from Carcinogens.  Samantha Heller said that Purple Cauliflower is great at reducing your risk of getting Prostate Cancer, Bladder Cancer and Breast Cancer.  You can make soups, dips or even just roast Purple Cauliflower.  Dr Oz asked Heller where you can buy Purple Cauliflower, and she said that you can check your local farmer’s market.  Doctor Oz also said that you can ask for them at the grocery, and the more we demand them, the more common it will become.  Another option is to buy Purple Cauliflower seeds and to plant them in your own garden, but after the Dr Oz Parasite segment, I may have to wait a few weeks to consider this idea!

Dr Oz: Purple Carrots

Dr Oz also briefly mentioned Purple Carrots, which is a vegetable I have not seen yet.  We were having a discussion on Twitter yesterday where we were guessing the Purple Foods that Dr Oz might mention today… and Purple Carrots did not come up.  If you are not yet following us on Twitter, click here (Dr Oz Fans on Twitter) and join in on our conversations!



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    I don’t see any difference in the composition of the food. A white cauliflower or purple cauliflower will probably have similar nutrients, no!


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