Dr Oz Purse Germs & How to Clean Lipstick to Disinfect Alcaligenes

By on June 22, 2012

Dr Oz: Hidden Bacteria Inside Your Purse

You carry your purse around like a lifeline, but did you know that there may be hidden bacteria inside your bag making you sick? On today’s show, Dr Oz asked 3 studio audience members to bring in their purses for lab testing. You’ll be surprised by what he found! Plus, learn how to clean lipstick to disinfect it from bacteria without having to throw it away!

Dr Oz Purse Germs & How to Disinfect Lipstick

Dr Oz spoke about purse germs and bacteria. Plus, How to Disinfect Lipstick without getting rid of it!

Staph & Candida Yeast in Your Purse

Jill, one audience member, had aspirin cream inside her purse that she used on her back for scoliosis. She said she had the cream inside her purse for 3 months. Doctor Oz sent out the tube of cream to his lab and found candida yeast on the tube. (For those that don’t know, candida yeast is what causes yeast infections.)

Dr Oz: Hang Your Purse

That wasn’t even the worst of it. Dr Oz also found staph in the lining of her purse, which can be life threatening. Because women carry their purses around everywhere, Dr Oz suggested not putting your purse on the table (or other places where you and the kids eat) when you come home. Instead, hang your purse on a doorknob or use baby wipes to clean out your purse at least once a week. This will help keep the purse clean on the inside and out.

Enterococci or Fecal Strep on Hairbrush

Kelly, an audience member, had a makeup brush inside her purse that looked like Wilma Flintstone had used it. Kelly said she had it in her purse since 2008, which would explain the dusty appearance. Dr Oz warned her to stop using it because the lab found enterococci (fecal strep) on the brush. (I don’t even want to know how that got on there!)

If you must keep makeup brushes for an extended period of time, Dr Oz suggested pouring a few drops of shampoo into a bowl of water and rinsing off your brushes. This will help keep your brushes clean and bacteria free.

Dr Oz How to Clean Lipstick

Elaine had an old lipstick inside her purse. She told Dr Oz she had it in there for about a year or two. Dr Oz said his lab found alcaligenes on the lipstick. Alcaligenes cause UTI (Urinary Tract Infections), meningitis, and even pneumonia. Dr Oz says you don’t have to toss out the tube of lipstick. Instead, simply use baby wipes to clean off the top layer and preserve the lipstick.

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  1. meissa wong says:

    Does it matter what ingredients are in the baby wipes you use to clean your purse and lipstick?

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