Dr Oz: Putting Yourself At Risk With Your Closet



During this segment, Dr Oz got assistance from an audience member to tell everyone about the risks one might have by what they keep in their closet.  His guest was on stage, along with a manequin.

Dr Oz  started off the discussion by using a device that showed bodily fluids and bacteria on his guest’s scarf.  After the lights were turned down and Dr Oz had his device ready to go, he showed his guest where the bodily fluids were all over her scarf.  The stains appeared as a whitish glow, similar to something you would see in a criminal investigation show or movie.  Dr Oz jokingly asked if her scarf had ever fallen in a toilet and she said that she was sure that the scarf probably fell on the ground at home or at school.  He said that scarves often fall on the floor and that we need to treat them as very unclean pieces of clothing.  Since they are the among the dirtiest articles of clothing, we need to clean them at least between every 3 to 4 wears.


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