Dr Oz: Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist: Medication Side Effects


Dr Oz: Important Question to Ask Your Pharmacist

Are you confused when it comes to getting your prescription or over-the-counter medication? Don’t know if the medication is right for you? Your pharmacist knows. On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Walgreens Pharmacist, Stacia Woodcock, to give you the important questions you should be asking your pharmacist.

Dr Oz Questions to Ask the Pharmacist

Dr Oz: Questions to Ask the Pharmacist

Why Is This Medicine Right For My Condition?

Stacia said this is the #1 question to ask your pharmacist when taking medication. You may often times find yourself overwhelmed by all the products offered. The best bet is to speak to your pharmacist about any prescription or over-the-counter products you have concerns about. Pharmacists have training in blood pressure and diabetes, so they can help you use the equipment. They can also help you manage any medications you are currently taking. Pharmacists evaluate what is going to be appropriate for you. A good example is cold and allergy medication, which contain many ingredients you may not even need. Tell your pharmacist your symptoms so she can recommend the safest medication for you.

Is This Medication Safe to Use with Other Medications, Vitamins & Foods?

Pharmacists evaluate medications with other prescriptions you are filling. Stacia says to try to get all your prescriptions filled at one pharmacy so there is a record. If you can’t, be sure to tell the pharmacist about every medication (including OTC meds) you are taking. Even check with your pharmacist with something as simple as an antacid. Plus, don’t forget to stock up on Dr Oz’s Drugstore Deals while you are there!

What are the Side Effects of My Medicines & How Can I Best Manage Them?

Pharmacists can give you all the side effects of medications. They can even tell you how to get rid of some of those side effects. For instance, take a pro-biotic when you take antibiotics to prevent some of the side effects of antibiotics like yeast infections.

Dr Oz: Walgreens Pharmacist

To find the right pharmacist for your needs, go to www.walgreens.com and hit search. Choose what options you look for in a pharmacist. Put in your zip code and the perfect pharmacist for your needs will pop right up!

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