Dr Oz: Rachael Ray’s Healthy Meals On A Budget


Dr Oz: Rachel Ray Recipes

Dr Oz did a segment with Rachel Ray called Delicious Healthy Meals On A Budget.  This is not the first time that Doctor Oz has had Rachael Ray on his show though, you can read her recipes and hints from last time here: Dr Oz & Rachael Ray Eating Healthy and Dr Oz & Rachael Ray Healthy Recipes.  On this episode, Rachel Ray taught Dr Oz how to make a French Toast Cup Recipe, a Spinach Artichoke Tuna Salad Recipe, a Chicken Thigh and White Bean Salad Recipe, and a Caesar Salad Pasta Recipe.  Dr Oz said that he knows that food prices are at the highest levels they have been in decades, and all of us are trying to cut corners to put food on our tables.  But this does not mean we cannot eat healthy foods.  How can it be that some stores are now selling beef for $6 / pound, milk for $5 a gallon, and eggs for $3 / dozen?  Well, as gas costs increase, it becomes more expensive to deliver food to groceries and that increases the prices we pay for the food.

Dr Oz: Rachael Ray Budget Meals

Rachael Ray told Dr Oz that you have to be clever when you go grocery shopping.  Every week your grocery store will have a Loss Leader in the produce section, the meat section and the fish section.  And Dr Oz Rachael Ray Recipesthese Loss Leaders are supposed to attract people to come into the store and buy other things that are not on sale, because the store sells these sale items for basically the same price that they pay for them.  So the week that broccoli is cheap and on sale, buy extra, blanch it in boiling water and freeze it.  You can make your own big batches of vegetables to store in the freezer.  Beans and grains are another great way to stretch your budget.


  1. Rosemary says

    Here’s a super cheap healthy recipe…. 1 can each of black beans, red beans & whole kernel corn (all drained and rinsed) a nice big handful of fresh cilantro (chopped) and 1/2 cup of lime juice ( I use Realime to save time.) toss all together in a bowl, refrigerate at least 1 hr and Viola…. serve as a side with any meat or fish. Delish!!!!!

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