Dr Oz: Radon Hotspots & Radon Home Test: Lung Cancer Risk At Home

Dr Oz did a segment called The #1 Lung Cancer Risk In Your Home, because 1 out of 15 homes in America have Radon in them which can cause Lung Cancer in otherwise healthy non-smoking people.  Could you be at risk for Lung Cancer because of where you live?  Doctor Oz said that Radon is colorless, odorless and very toxic.

Dr Oz: Radon Hotspots in America

Dr Oz said that there are thousands of Radon Hotspots in the USA.  Radon is so toxic that it can Dr Oz Radon Testcause harm to the human body.  Reading, PA is known as a Radon Hotspot, so Dr Oz picked a home in that town to do a Radon At-Home Test.

Dr Oz: What Is Radon?

Dr Oz asked Rebecca Morley, a guest on his show, what is Radon?  She said it is a naturally occurring gas.  We breathe in Radon every day, but it is not a problem when we breathe it in outside because it is mixed with fresh air.  However, if you breathe in Radon in your home where there is no fresh air, it can be very dangerous.  Scientists agree that Radon is a Class A Carcinogen and can cause Lung Cancer by damaging the cells that line your lungs.

Dr Oz: Radon Gas Test Kit

Dr Oz said that everyone should get their home tested for Radon.  Tina and Greg from Reading, PA had heard that Pennsylvania had high amounts of Radon, but they figured that since they had a new home it would not really be a problem for them.  Their house is only 7 years old so they never even thought to test it.  Dr Oz said that you cannot see, taste or smell Radon but it emits small toxic particles that go into your sensitive lungs and it starts to erode away the cells until you no longer have any protection.

Dr Oz: Radon At-Home Test

Dr Oz said that Radon gets into your house by being situated on top of a rock bed that gives off Radon.  The Radon can leak in through cracks in your basement, in crawlspaces or pipes going to your bathrooms.  Only 10 out of 200 people in Dr Oz’s audience had ever tested their homes for Radon.  But 1 in 15 homes in America have Radon in them.  Radon Testing is simple – for $10-$15 you can buy a Radon Sampler at a hardware store that you leave out for 2-3 days.  Then you send it to a lab and they send you results.  You can also hire a Radon Professional for faster results.

Dr Oz: Radon Mitigation

Dr Oz said that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says that up to 4 pCI / L of Radon is safe, but Tina and Greg’s house had a score of 10.4 pCI/L.  The World Health Organization said that the safe Radon Level is only 2.7 pCI /L.  If you discover that you have a Radon issue, mitigation is the treatment to get rid of Radon in your home by pulling gas out of your house and into the atmosphere outside.  Radon Mitigation costs around $800 – $1200 per home, but the benefit is priceless – your health.


  1. says

    Great iinfo. I live in DC and. I will test soon. if positive, I’ll let you know. Thank you Dr. OZ for all you do. I didn’t have health insurance and I depended so much on the info you gave me to help myself. I’m 62 and have several medical conditions: diabetes, hyperthyroidism, high BP, diagnosed glaucoma, previous stroke in 2006. Yet, I’m doing pretty good. i hope you remain on the regular networks–don’t have cable anymore.

  2. Terry says

    Thanks. Went to Home Depot and bought the kit. Need to seal the house up. I think I will pack the dog up and him and I will go stay at a friends.
    Been sick for a long time. The docs all think I am a hypochondriac, and I have a hard time breathing in this house. When…. I can get out of here…. I feel better. One health issue after another and only 49 It started in 2003. A bell went off today. I had my windows in my garage/basement bricked in after my home was burglarized. Maybe the Radon is now coming upstairs. I live in a old house in Baltimore City. A lot of stones in my yard. I heard a long long time ago it was quarry land ~ Shoul be interesting.
    Today I got a Ct report back nodule on right lung !

  3. says

    Great, informative article. We handle radon testing in Iowa and the levels are dangerously high in every single county in our state. I can’t stress enough the importance of getting your home tested, whether it be a home test kit or a professional service. It’s a small price to pay for what may in fact save yourself or a loved one!

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