Dr. Oz & Randy Jackson Cure Airplane Digestion Issues With Ginger

Randy Jackson, from American Idol, asked Dr. Oz why his digestive system seems to shut down every time he flies in an airplane.  What can we do before and / or after flying to help ease our stomachs?

Dr. Oz’s helper, Teresa, also said she gets nauseous and horrible migraine headaches whenever she goes on a plane.  Dr. Oz said that we normally and naturally have air in our intestines.  If you have ever flown in a plane and noticed what happens to a bottle of water or a bag of chips, you will see them expand as you reach higher altitudes.  So what everyone experiences when you fly in a plane is that the air expands in your intestines and you get bloated.  Add to that the fact that you don’t move around much on the plane, and your bowels only really move when you move.  The cure to stomach problems when you fly is ginger!  You can eat ginger root or ginger ale, but the easiest form for on a plane is to get some Crystallized Ginger or Organic Ginger Candy.  Also, avoid drinking alcohol when you fly because it can dehydrate you.  Other good snacks for your bowels include prunes or dried fruits.



  1. Ted Berrian says

    Is Randy Jackson allergic to ginger? If not, perhaps his body lacks some important digestive enzymes.

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