Dr Oz: Raw Vegetables vs Cooked Vegetables: Garlic, Broccoli & Spinach


Dr Oz: Are Vegetables Healthier Raw or Cooked?

In this segment, Dr Oz pulled up Michelle, an audience member, on stage to play the Dr Oz: Is It Better Raw Or Cooked Game.  Dr Oz presented Michelle (and the audience) with 3 vegetables in which she had to say if you received better health benefits from the vegetable cooked or served raw.  How many can you guess?  Let’s begin!

Dr Oz: Raw Garlic vs Cooked Garlic

A: Garlic is best served raw.  It releases chemicals to help blood disease and relaxes the blood.  Cooking reduces those benefits.  (You might be alone for a while but at least you’ll be healthy.)


  1. Goodness Garlic Farm says

    I have always told my customers, eat it raw. Chop a clove into tiny bites and then have a bit of garlic inbetween food bites at dinner. you Get all the benfits of garlic and don’t have garlic mouth/garlic breath.

    Don’t want your fingers smelling garlic after chopping? Use a lil soap and warm water or warm water and lemon juice.

  2. Darrell says

    Even though I do not watch your show, a friend of mind does and she told me that someone out there finally knew what I did about what the healthiest vegetables to eat are: 1) Garlic 2) Broccoli 3) Spinach.

    I have not studied spinach as in depth as the first two but based on all the vegetables I have put in my body, those are my top 3 (Greens are also up there, but difficult to eat raw and in my opinion one must be eaten raw to be in my top 3).

    Health Specialist
    Darrell Cheney

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