Dr Oz: Raynaud’s Disease, Hand Warmers & Blood Circulation

Dr Oz spoke about Blood Circulation, because Poor Circulation can cause pins and needles in your extremities and tingling toes.  Doctor Oz said that the 3 symptoms that you should never ignore include Numbness, Tingling and Coldness.  Dr Oz Pins & Needles

Dr Oz: Poor Circulation Symptoms

Dr Oz said that your heart normally pumps blood everywhere throughout your body to help bring nutrients to all parts of your body.  The following are the three Poor Circulation Symptoms that Dr Oz says we should never ignore.

Dr Oz: Numbness – Diabetes Sign

Dr Oz said that you can experience numbness when your arm or leg falls asleep, and this is a sign that your body is not getting enough blood.  The lack of blood flow can get worse depending on the position you are sitting in – like if your legs are crossed for example.  Normally, if you are not doing the right things and your blood flow gets kinked off, then your body does not get nutrients going everywhere and so you feel numbness.  Dr Oz said that you should see your doctor if you experience long term numbness in your feet, because this can be a sign of Diabetes.

Dr Oz: Tingling – Multiple Sclerosis or B12 Deficiency

Dr Oz said that if you lay on a a certain part of your body in a strange way, like your arm, then you can wake-up after falling asleep and may not feel your arm.  But as soon as you start moving it, you will feel tingling in your arm as the blood rushes through your body and recirculates.  If the tingling does not go away though and you have Long Term Tingling, then it could be symptom of having MS or Multiple Sclerosis.  Long Term Tingling can also be a sign of a Vitamin B12 Deficiency.

Dr Oz: Coldness – Hand Warmers

Dr Oz showed some excellent Hand Warmers that you can put in your pockets, gloves or even socks.  I have used these before in the winter time, and they are fabulous for keeping your extremities toasty!  Blood vessels close down when you are cold because you preserve your body heat for the rest of yourself.  Circulation pulls the warmth to your core and keeps your abdomen and heart warm.

Dr Oz: Raynauds Disease

Dr Oz said that if you have Raynaud’s Disease, then your fingers and toes will change vibrant colors from white to blue to red.  When your finger tips are white, there is no blood in them.  When you fingers are blue, a little blood is going into them.  And when your fingers turn red, then you are getting lots of blood to your fingertips and they will turn back to the normal skin color next.  Dr Oz said that Raynaud’s Disease is especially common in women, so if you have these symptoms – especially if you have pain too – then see your doctor because he can give you some medications or inject something into your nerves to help with the severe pain of Raynaud’s Disease.


  1. novella allen says

    i need to speak to dr.oz personally.i have health issues and i would like to speak with him.

  2. Judy says

    I have had raynauds for years.I have had raynauds disease from childhood, I am 58 years old now. I

  3. Judy says

    I have some arterial damage, because of the raynauds. I am experiencing a lot of pins and needles and burning. I am having a ultrasound on my corodid artery to check the circulation. I was put on Norvasc about 3 years ago. The norvasc has given me the most relief, from the raynaud symptoms. I have been told that the pins and needles are from nerve pain. I get it in my arms, my legs, up my neck and on my head. I get it when I am sitting and when I am resting. The tips of my fingers are sometimes very sensitive, they go red sometimes and are very painful, in spite of the norvasc.

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