Dr Oz: Real Age Skin Test & Biggest Anti-Aging Hour Ever


Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Quiz

On the Dr Oz show today (called ” What’s The Real Age of Your Skin “), he asked every audience member to remove her makeup before entering the studio.  Personally, I would have walked out, as I’m sure a few did!  However, a few brave souls dared to accept his challenge and took off every last bit of make-up from their faces.  Doctor Oz asked audience members to ask themselves two important questions:


  1. sonya says

    Funny, most of the women on the show who claimed they were afraid to take off their make up- looked really lovely WITHOUT it! I wonder what they see in the mirror. I really saw no reason to wear all that make up when they look SO good wiihout it!!!

  2. Michell Thomas says

    Hello and a question please!
    I do not own a TV, however, can this program be viewed online?
    How is this accomplished?
    Thank you for your time

  3. Joanne says

    It would be rather nice to know where we can get more information regarding this “Antiaging Hour” show as I cannot view it online due to the fact that I am not in the USA.
    Thanks to the Drozfans for all the info you provide us with:))

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