Dr Oz: Reasons Why You Can’t Catch Your Breath


Dr Oz: Natural Expectorants

Dr Oz did a segment on Reasons Why You Can’t Catch Your Breath.  Does walking up a flight of stairs leave you winded?  Why does this happen and what can you do about it?  Doctor Oz gave three reasons that you might be out of breathe.

Dr Oz: Oxygen Saturation

The first reason is that you may have extra pounds, and if you are overweight, it is more likely that you will have Dr Oz Licorice Root Extracttrouble catching your breath.  Dr Oz used a device to test Donna’s, his Assistant-Of-The Day, Oxygen Saturation level and heart rate.  You want your Oxygen Saturation to be around 99%, which is where hers was.  Though her heart was beating fast at 154 beats per minute, but that is likely from the excitement of being Doctor Oz’s Assistant-Of-The-Day!  Then, Dr Oz had Donna run up and down stairs for 20 seconds and tested her again.  Her Oxygen Saturation was still around 99% but her heartbeat went up of course.  Dr Oz said that this only becomes a problem when your Oxygen Saturation is something like 90% or 92%.

Dr Oz: Emphysema

The second reason why you can’t catch your breath is due to changes in your lungs.  For example, if you get Emphysema, you can get extreme damage to your lungs.  Dr Oz showed the difference between a regular lung and a lung from a person with Emphysema.  The Emphysema Lung looked like a moth ate holes right through it, which of course can cause breathing problems.  If you breathe in and then try to breathe in again without breathing out first, that is similar to what it feels like to have Emphysema.


  1. Redbony says

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  2. Joann says

    Hi – I have had difficulty breathing through my nose (especially LEFT nostril) since 2010. I worked 14 years at a plastics plant. I went to Arizona and to the Grand Canyon & Sedona and when i came back to Ohio I suddenly felt like I had heartburn, which turned into not being able to catch my breath. For over NINE MONTHS the doctors put me through EVERYTHING, alergists, lung doctors, blood tests – they even tested me for Valley Fever (negative, but then i heard there are “false negatives”) they did several “throat scopes, always putting the tube in he right nostril. Well, now I can finally breathe great on the right side, but the left is next to nothing. My Thyroid doctor, who tests me regularly for Hashimoto’s, finally ran a Vitamin D test and my results were 9 (normal is apparently 37-99) I felt better in my chest after massive doses of Vitamion D, but I’ve been on it since 2010 and my level is only 32 – and I STILL can’t breathe through my left nostril. My lungs are great, but when I walk or go up stairs I cannot get enough air through my nose, and my hands swell. i am severaly overweight due to a fall at work in 2009 which left me with a knee injury – unable to bike, walk or do stairs. Exercise was what was keeping my Thyroid in check, so now I am getting bigger and bigger. i used to be athletic before all this started – It’s so very depressing. No one seems to really listen and no one appears to have any answers. Can you help?!?!?

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