Dr Oz: Red Light Therapy, Blue Light Therapy & Kakadu Plums

Dr Oz Billygoat Plums, Kakadoodle Dew & Milk Compress

Dr Oz: Secrets To Recharge Your Body From Inside Out

Dr Oz and Dr Audrey Kunin spoke about how to take simple steps at home to make your skin look gorgeous both from Dr Oz Red Light Therapythe inside out and from the outside in.  Karen, Doctor Oz’s helper from the audience, said that when she hit her 40’s, everything changed from the firmness of her skin to not having the same results with products and regimens that used to work for her.

Dr Oz: Milk Compress & Restore Skin’s Chemistry

Dr Audrey Kunin said that when your skin’s pH is too high, it looks flaky, dull, drab and lifeless.  The first step to restore your skin’s chemistry is to use a milk compress every night after you wash your face.  Let the milk reach room temperature so that it is not too cold.  Place a rag into the milk and ring it out.  And then just apply it to your skin like a compress.  You must use real dairy milk – no soy milk – because it is rich in lactic acid.  In fact, Dr Audrey Kunin said that Cleopatra was renowned for bathing in milk because it makes your skin radiant and glowing.  After a week of doing Milk Compresses, move on to using a moisturizer with glycolic acid in it.

Dr Oz: Blue & Red Light Therapy

Dr Audrey Kunin said that Color Therapy is where you take the colors of the rainbow and introduce them to your skin.  The rainbow is made up of many colors, and in medicine, each color helps to heal certain skin conditions.  Blue Light Therapy is used to kill bacteria that causes acne.  And Red Light Therapy is used for anti-aging, builds collagen and helps to firm up your skin.

Dr Oz: Tanda Red & Blue Light Therapy

Dr Oz said that you can get Red Light Therapy and Blue Light Therapy in your doctor’s office, but Dr Audrey Kunin pointed out that this can be several thousand dollars.  Instead, you can buy something called the Tanda Machine, which is a handheld light therapy device that you can use at home.  Dr Oz showed a before and after of someone with acne who used the Tanda Blue Light Therapy for just 11 days, and the results looked very impressive.  I have received lots of requests for more information on the Tanda Machines, and I will do my best to get my hands on a Red Light Therapy and Blue Light Therapy device so that I can test them out and write a review for you!

Dr Oz: Purple Veggies

Dr Audrey Kunin made a good point – when we think of purple produce or purple veggies, the first thing that comes to mind is probably eggplant.  But we do not usually eat the eggplant skin.  Now you can find purple potatoes, purple tomatoes and purple carrots, which are all very high in Anthocyanin, an antioxidant that helps to build collagen and to firm your skin.  Plus, Anthocyanin helps anyone with cellulite.  So next time you go grocery shopping, look for Purple Produce!

Dr Oz: Kakadu Plums & Kakadoodle Dew

Dr Kunin’s final tip was to look for Kakadu Plums (also called Billygoat Plums) which are little green plums that are hard to find in the US at the moment.  However, you can get the essence of the Kakadu Plum in a drink mix called Kakadoodle Dew.  You just add a packet of Kakadoodle Dew to a glass of water and it will give you a massive boost of Vitamin C.  In fact, Dr Kunin told Dr Oz that Kakadu Plums have the highest vitamin c level of anything anywhere in the world (Doctor Oz said that his medical unit confirmed these high levels of Vitamin C).  And of course Vitamin C is great for your skin and overall health.


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    Can you please tell me where we can buy the Kakadoodle dew powder drink mix? On what website? Thank you!

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