Dr Oz: Red Wine Facial – Red Wine Heart & Skin Benefits

Doctor Oz did a segment on the power of red wine for your heart and skin.  Top plastic surgeons have found that red wine is a surprising new way to stay young.  Red Wine is not only good for your insides, but also good for using on the outside of your body!  Dr Oz said that the darker the wine is the better it is for you and your skin, like Sardinian wine (perhaps that is the reason that people in Sardinia live a long time!).  Doctor Oz also pointed out that grape juice and red wine are not the same in terms of their benefits.  Red wine is made by including the seeds and skins while it ages, and those are where the polyphenols and resveratrol in red wine reside.  Red Wine Face Mask

Red Wine Face Mask Remedy

Dr Oz put a red wine face mask remedy on his guest, and she said it made her skin very soft.  Do you have any idea how they made the red wine face mask?  Or do you know where we can buy a red wine mask?  Please share with everyone if you know – leave a comment below!  Apparently, the Red Wine Facial made the guest’s skin very soft.  I checked Dr Oz’s website and saw it says you can use a “a grapeseed oil scrub made from the seeds/skins of red wine grapes.”

Red Wine Heart Benefits

The hardening of arteries happens when you get plaque buildup in your arteries, and this of course can lead to heart problems.  Red wine reduces cholesterol levels and allows you to wash the plaque out of your arteries.  And since red wine is good for your arteries, it also helps bring more oxygen to your skin.  Drink one glass of red wine a day if you are a woman (and not pregnant) and drink two glasses of red wine a day if you are a man.  If you cannot drink red wine, Dr Oz suggested eating blueberries, dark chocolate and pomegranate.


  1. Stephanie Tyndall says

    Off The Vine Cosmetics specializes in organic Red Wine skincare. Amazing products!

  2. Julie Bischoff says

    I saw this episode!! I was interested in finding red wine products at home, but found a skin care company called “d’vine” through a spa I visited recently! Apparently they only sell through spas though.

  3. Tara D says

    Dr Oz Red Wine Facial Recipe
    Red wine benefits more than just your heart. Resveratrol, an antioxidant in red wine, also provides anti-aging benefits for your skin. This facial from California combines red wine with honey, which helps with blemishes and redness, and yogurt, a great moisturizer.

    Red Wine Facial Ingredients

    1 cup yogurt
    2 tbsp honey
    4-5 tbsp red wine

    Place 1 cup of yogurt in a bowl. Add honey and red wine. Whisk it together and apply liberally to face. Let all ingredients soak in and then rinse with warm water.

  4. Cyn D says

    I use a wonderful face mask by Arcona which I discovered when at a Napa Spa. It’s called the Arcona Wine Hydrating Mask. I use it on my face after a shower or face cleansing and it feels amazing. So happy Dr. Oz featured wine masks. It just validates that this mask not only feels great but is good for my skin too!

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