Dr Oz: Red Wine Makes You Gassy: Burping & Farting From Wine


Dr Oz: Why Does Wine Make You Burp?

Dr Oz’s show called “The Questions You Are Too Embarrassed To Ask” covered questions that many of us have but that we are too embarrassed to talk about, such as why does wine make you gassy?  A lady named Nicole told Doctor Oz that she enjoys red wine, but it makes her gassy – both in terms of burping and farting.  Dr Oz said that if the odor smells really bad, then that could be a sign of not properly digesting a certain food.  But if the smell is generally tolerable, here is why it happens and what you can do to help prevent it.

Dr Oz: Wine Makes You Fart & Burp

Doctor Oz said that when you drink wine or eat food, it goes into your small bowel and then on to your colon.  In your colon, bacteria attach to the Dr Oz Wine Makes You Burpsugar particles and release gas which builds up in your intestines.  This gas is what causes you to fart or burp from drinking the wine.


  1. Maxine Kiger says

    What Probiotic do you take? I have indigestion all the time. No matter what I eat! What to do?

  2. Maxine Kiger says

    what probiotic do you take? I have indigestion all the time no matter what I eat. What must I do?

  3. Vera Grissom says

    Is it safe to take both apple pectin and grape seed extract or would that be considered ‘overkill’?

  4. Sara miller says

    Thank you for the info on probiotics, as when I drink any alcohol, wine, vodka, whatever it may be, after two drinks I burp all night and it is anything but quiet and very embarrassing.

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