Dr Oz: Reduce Chemical Dependence & Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffees


Dr Oz: 28-Day Caffeine Detox

Tracey is a Caffeine Addict who drinks three times the recommended amount of Caffeine in a day. Dr Oz pointed out how this is taking a toll on her life and health, and she said she wanted to make some changes but was not able to on her own.

Dr Oz said Caffeine is the most widely used drug worldwide. He invited addiction specialist Dr Mike Dow to share a 28-Day Caffeine Detox.

Dr Oz: Am I Addicted To Caffeine?

How do you know if you are addicted to Caffeine? Dow, the author of Diet Rehab, said that a little bit of coffee makes you feel good. But if you need it to feel normal, that is an addiction sign.

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