Dr Oz: Reishi Mushroom Extract, L-Carnosine & Lycopene Review


Dr Oz: Summertime Supplement Guide

Dr Oz gave us a Summetime Survival GuideSunscreen Survival Guide and a Summertime Slimdown to get ready for the warm weather, but what about supplements?  Should you take different supplements in the summer and if so, which ones?  Dr Oz’s Summertime Supplement Guide is covered in detail below to tell you just how much you should take of Reishi Mushroom Extract, L-Carnosine and Lycopene.  You want to get the most out of your summer, but you want to stay healthy doing so, which is why Dr Oz’s Summertime Supplement Guide is so critical.


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    AGE chemicals are released by grilling or cooking at high temperatures. L-Carnosine is a supplement you can take to block this chemicals.

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    hello dr.oz i love watching your show you are awesome and you have such great tips and tricks i always try your tips and tricks and they actually work thanks for all the tips and tricks and help

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