Dr. Oz: Remedies for Constipation- Why Can’t You Poop?


One of the most popular topics Dr. Oz is asked is about poop! What causes constipation? Why and when can’t you poop?

Ann Marie, from seat 18, helped Dr. Oz investigate constipation.  The most common time for people to be constipated is in the morning and the top two reasons for constipation are 1. You aren’t drinking enough water and 2. There is not enough fiber in what you eat.

How long does it take from when you eat a meal until when it comes out below?  For Dr. Oz’s demonstration, he had Ann Marie push 3 average meals into a tube (a pretend colon).  She put in french toast, spaghetti and grilled cheese (which she says that her mother Gladys eats and is always constipated).  Then Dr. Oz put into another tube (his pretend colon) 3 meals high in fiber (whole grain bread, oatmeal, chicken and brown rice).  Since Dr. Oz’s colon had a bunch of fiber, he cleared it out after 3 meals (in the worst case)… however the average American is like Ann Marie’s colon and does not go after 3 meals, but it usually takes 8 meals before going to poop.  Ann Marie said this sounds like her brother Cosmo! 

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