Dr Oz: Rescue Drowning Person: Save a Life in 60 Seconds


Doctor Oz said that once every minute somebody drowns in the summer – and the number of people who drown doubles during Memorial Day weekend.  Dr Oz brought a Jones Beach lifeguard onto the Dr Oz show to teach us how to rescue a drowning person.  Rescue Drowning Person

Rescue Drowning Person: ABC & CPR Steps to Save a Life

The lifeguard said that the biggest mistake people make when someone is drowning is that they attempt to go into the water and rescue the drowning person.  Do not go in the water if you are not a professional lifeguard, because you could become a victim yourself.  Instead, try throwing something to the person like a towel and pull them in, or call 911 or signal for a nearby lifeguard.  Also, most people who drown do not get water in their lungs, so forget turning the person on their side and trying to hit out the water.


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