Dr Oz: Rescue Remedy, Jumpsport Trampoline & Sony W Series Walkman

By on May 1, 2012

Dr Oz: De-Stress Product Giveaways

With work, friends and kids, you may feel high strung all the time. On today’s show, Dr Oz gave his best advice to de-stress, your #1 complaint. Find out how to de-stress instantly with products like Rescue Remedy, the Jumpsport Trampoline and the Sony W Series Walkman.  Plus, check out doctoroz.com for a chance to win these and more great products from today’s show.  Plus, read about all of Dr Oz’s product picks on today’s show: Sleep RemediesAlternative Medicine ProductsEnergy Boosters and Anti-Agers.

Dr Oz Jumpsport Trampoline, Sony W Series Walkman & Rescue Remedy

Dr Oz is doing more free giveaways. I'd love to win a Jumpsport Trampoline, Sony W Series Walkman & Rescue Remedy!

Dr Oz: Rescue Remedy Review

Marissa, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she was stressed out all day. With work and small kids, she felt wound up all the time.

Rescue Remedy is one of Dr Oz’s family favorites. In fact, his mother-in-law has used this product for many, many years. (You’ve probably heard him mention this product on several past shows, such as this one: Bach Flower Rescue Remedy) When you feel stressed, take a couple of sprays by mouth. Keep it on you at all times so you can de-stress instantly. Plus, I found it deeply discounted at the following link: Rescue Remedy.

Dr Oz: Mighty Leaf Teatop Brew Travel Mug & Tea Sampler

If you’re a tea drinker, this product is great for you. Sip away your stress with the Mighty Leaf Teatop Brew Travel Mug and Tea Sampler. To use, lift up the teabag and lock it into position. The mug is spill-proof so you can carry it anywhere.

Dr Oz: Conair Touch n’ Tone Massager Review

Studies show that physical touch with a massage can lessen anxiety and reduce stress hormones. (Cortisol levels can drop by 50%.) Conair Touch n’ Tone Massager has different speeds and several attachments you can switch out for each body part. I found it for under $10 at the following link: Conair Touch And Tone Massager With Magnet Attachment… at this price it is surely worth a try!

Dr Oz: Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline Review

Just thinking about exercise can stress you out, which is the opposite of what you want to achieve. Make exercise easy and fun with the Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline. Jumping for only 10-minutes per day will increase your serotonin levels. You can buy the trampoline for 20% off at the following link: JumpSport The Fitness Trampoline.

Dr Oz: Sony W Series Walkman Giveaway

Meditation can help calm you down and allow your body to function at your peak. Music- allows the mind to relax. Use the Sony W Series Walkman to de-stress. It’s hands-free and wireless. You get a full 8 hours of battery. Go out and walk or travel with it. Can’t wait to try one of these out: Sony Walkman MP3 player.

Dr Oz: Caribbean Vacation Giveaway

Want your FREE de-stressing products, check out doctoroz.com for ways to win.

To be eligible for your Caribbean vacation, collect all of the letters at the end of each article below, unscramble the word and head over to doctoroz.com. The fifth and last letter in the word scramble is “X”. Be sure you have all the letters written down. Once you de-scramble the letters, hurry over to doctoroz.com for your chance to win a luxury vacation for 2 on a beautiful Caribbean island.

Clue: the scrambled world is the key to living longer.  And if you do not have all of the letters, checkout the end of all of the following articles:

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  1. Dr. Oz
    I have been your best fan for lots of years, and your show has gotten better and better. I have become healther, happier, and more informed. Please keep your show on the air for years to come – it’s the best. Your scramble on your show today is”relax”. Please consider me for your remedy prizes on todays show. Thankyou .
    Your forever fan!
    Peggy Gillespie

  2. Dee Bransom says:

    The word is relax. Please enter me in the contest for the trip Thank you

  3. Bev Campbell says:

    On the May 1st show there was a machine that helped crows feet disappear I missed the name of the machine and the product. Can you please email me the name. Thank You bev

  4. joyce clark says:

    the word is relax please enter me in contest

  5. Tiffany says:

    The answer is relax


    the word is relax.

  7. wilma newman says:

    this website stinks, I was promised by Dr. Oz that I would be elligable to win some of the products on the show today. where do I apply for these gifts.?????
    I find it difficult to find any info on the shows period.

  8. Sue Robbins says:

    The wordscramble solution is the word ‘RELAX’.

  9. Relax is wat ill do .

  10. Carol Barnes says:

    Carbren trip secret word is “RELAX”

  11. the word is relax

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    The word is RELAX

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    the word is relax.

  14. Reina najera says:

    The word is relax.
    I would love to be entered in the contest!

  15. For todays show with Dr. Oz with the letters eralx means relax
    Thank You Helen Mitchell

  16. For todays show with the letters eralx means relax

  17. relax is the word,please enter me in your contest.I’m having a horrable time trying to get this message sent to you!!!!!I I’m terrable with computers and I have no one here to help me right now but I’ll keep on till I figure it out. ha ha

  18. NormaClough says:

    I Love Dr. Oz Show.

  19. the five letter word scramble is RELAX.

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    relax is the word. please enter me in the contest, thank you.

  21. RELAX is the word. We love Dr. Oz

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    I love the show. The scramble word is Relax & boy do I need it. Thank you.

  23. the word is relax

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    The is word is Relax and I love the show

  25. could not find a way to enter for the giveaway

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    The word is RELAX. I answered once, and your response was that I needed to submit name and address. I did, but please see that submission above, again. Thanks! And Dr.Oz is a real blessing.

  28. cyndi bober says:

    Dr oz i have sleep problems and interstitial cystitis & fibromyalgia, i would love if you could do a show on this also i can’t find the site to win the products on your show today 5-1-12 would love to try these products to help me get better and RELAX was the word!!! I watch your show everyday and am really grateful for all the information you find for us on your show. Good health to you and your family!!!

  29. The word is relax.

  30. The scrambler word is RELAX. Please enter me in the contest. Thank You. I would like to share an amazing cancer poem with you. :)

  31. Oh my Gosh I received around e-mail 16 messages back. what else do I need to do? The word is RELAX. and your response was that I needed to submit name and address. I did, but please see that submission above, again. Thanks! And Dr.Oz is a real blessing. Will i get another umteen e-mails. Helen

  32. The answer is RELAX .

    I entered both my address and e-mail is this all I have to do to enter?

    Thanks Dr. Oz for all you do to keeps us healthy.

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  36. THE “WORD” SCRAMBLED IS Relax”. Please enter me in the contest !! I need to relax !!!

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  39. the word of the day is relax pls choose me for this trip :) thank u dr.oz


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