Dr Oz: Resveratrol, Strontium, Vitamin D & Fish Oil Supplements

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Dr Oz: Resveratrol, Strontium, Vitamin D & Fish Oil Supplements

By on June 7, 2012

Dr Oz: 4 Supplements for a Longer Life

You can’t live forever, but you can have a longer life. On today’s show, Dr Oz reveled the 4 supplements to give you a longer lifespan: Resveratrol, Strontium, Vitamin D and Fish Oil. He asked the people he trusts most to track down the top new supplements. His power medical team worked around the clock for you to find the facts about supplements. He assigned two of his medical team to find the best supplements to live longer. They went out and searched, and searched, and searched. Finally, they came up with the top-notch supplements that will help you live a longer life.  Plus, if you are interested in a natural lifestyle, you should read about these Natural Alternatives to prescription drugs that Dr Oz spoke about!

Dr Oz: Resveratrol, Strontium, Vitamin D & Fish Oil Supplements

Dr Oz spoke about Resveratrol, Strontium, Vitamin D and Fish Oil Supplements for living a longer, healthier life!

Dr Oz: Resveratrol Supplements for Heart

Inflammation causes blood clots, which can lead to heart attacks. Study shows Resveratrol reduces inflammation by 26%. For maximum benefits, take 500 mg per day (with food).

Dr Oz: Strontium for Bones

Dr Oz said he has never talked about this supplement before. Strontium is just beginning to grow in its awareness in this country. You know to take calcium for your bones, but calcium only helps bones that are already strong. Strontium helps to strengthen weak bones and reduces the risk of bone fractures by 33%. Take 680 mg per day. Be sure to take this 4 hours after taking your calcium supplement. Push your doctor to learn more about this product.

Dr Oz: Vitamin D Prevents Cancer

We know vitamin D helps make your bone stronger, but did you know it’s also helpful in making your immune system stronger? Dr Oz says vitamin D is the best cancer-fighting vitamin of all. Take 1000 IU vitamin D per day.

Dr Oz: Fish Oil for Brain Function

Brain function is the #1 thing you’re worried about, according to Doctor Oz. Focus on DHA Omega 3s. This will improve the way your brain functions and increase cell growth. Take 1000 mg fish oil per day.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Resveratrol, Strontium, Vitamin D & Fish Oil Supplements

  1. Vit D3 causes fatigue when I have taken just 500 units a day divided in two doses. I suspect it may be because I may have CYP 450 issues. I would like to see a detailed segment on your show about CYP 450 and how meds and environmental toxins build up in a person’s system to toxic levels depending on which CYP’s are deficient or missing, etc. It has affected my life profoundly the past 18 years, nearly finished me off in 1994, and has put my daughter in a wheelchair at age 40. She and her son have been tested. I would like to be but my insurance considers the tests investigative and will not cover them. I am afraid to take any new supplements or prescriptions and have to be very careful around a number of environmental substances such as chlorine, petroleum fumes, formaldehyde, etc. It makes life difficult to say the least. Thank you for your time and your devotion to helping others.

  2. judy theus says:

    where can I purchase strontium. GNC does not have it. Is one brand better than another

  3. judy theus says:

    where cn i purchase strontium. GNC does not have it. Is one brand better than another

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