Dr Oz: Reviva Skin Lightening Cream & Clarisonic Mia Cleanser


Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Products

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced chemist, Perry Romanowski, to give you the best products of 2011 to help you stay young. Perry stated that one trend he noticed was that consumers preferred to purchase expensive products because they believed they worked better. That’s not true. According to Perry, Inexpensive products worked just as well as expensive products.


  1. Susan Wills says

    I recently purchased a Clarisonic Mia (mainly because I wanted to try the Clairisonic – and the regular size seemed too big and was more expensive). I LOVE IT! Honestly – it does exfoliate very gently – more gently than what I usually do manually to be honest – but my skin is NOTICEABLY smoother after using it!

    I use either the Clarisonic cleanser that came with it or Cetaphil or CeraVe liquid cleanser… all seem to do a fine job. Honestly – this was my – I’m getting ready to turn 50 gift to myself – and I think it was a GREAT purchase and would recommend it to ANYONE! It is EXACTLY like the Sonicare toothbrush… gets to things you didn’t even know were there!

  2. says

    I noticed a major difference in my skin after 30 days of using Rodan+Fields anti age system which includes a acupuncture roller called the amp MD. This product is developed by the brilliant Standford trained mds who created Proactiv solution . They are now in the anti age and sun damage market. I loved the products so much I have become a business partner with the company. Thank you for doing a show on the benefits of using acupuncture needles to get a non surgical facelift.

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