Dr Oz: Rocco’s Weight Loss Diet to Transform Your Heart


Dr Oz: Rocco The Cowboy

One of Dr Oz’s most memorable guests was Rocco, a meat-loving cowboy whose bad eating habits put his life on the line. Rocco could eat fatty meats 7 days a week and often did. Rocco was 53 years old and his health was steadily declining. On a previous show, Dr Oz had showed the plaque around Rocco’s heart and told him that he had the heart of an 85-year-old. Immediately, Rocco lost 30 lbs in 28 days and on Dr Oz’s 400th episode, he was back to tell how he did it.


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    Can you explain the palm plan better I missed writing
    It down. What is meant by 6 small meals can you give
    Me the examples he showed in Nov 18 2011 show

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    Still waiting on a show that tells me how to deal with fidromyalgia pain.Is there a seratotin problem that could be the cause.Most doctors will not confirm fibromyalgia.One even said tthere no such thing.Something causes the servere pain 24/7.Please help!!!!

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