Dr. Oz: Rocco the Cowboy & Tisa’s Block Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Dr. Oz & Rocco The Cowboy know that losing weight on your own is hard.  Rocco has lost 50 pounds since he was on the Dr. Oz show and now he traveled on the Dr. Oz bus to challenge a block in Riverside, California to a 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

Tisa is excited and nervous, but scared of failure.  She wants to lose weight though for her family and her neighbors, nobody wants to fail!  Rocco picked Tisa as the block leader because she is the local cook and the person who bakes brownies for the whole neighborhood.  Tisa has gained 90 pounds since she had kids, and now Tisa weighs 225 pounds.  The other women in her neighborhood are starting with these stats: Jasmine is 252 pounds, Amanda is 240 pounds and Laura is 232 pounds.  The grand total weight of the block is 1170 pounds.  Here is Rocco and Dr. Oz’s 60 Day Challenge Diet Plan for them:

Rocco the Cowboy’s 60 Day Challenge

1.  6 AM Rooster’s Call

When you wake-up, you must have breakfast.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  A great breakfast is to have unsweetened cereal that is high in fiber with yogurt.

2.  7 AM GiddyUp Call

Stand up straight and bring up your knees really high, while swinging your hand in a circle over your head like you are swinging a cowboy rope.  Do it with the whole neighborhood together on the lawn.

3.  High Noon – Feed Livestock

Don’t eat anything more than the size of your palm at any one time.

4.  4 PM Cattle Call

Rocco’s mantra is “Two Hours At a Time”.  You only have to go two hours at a time, and then you can eat another portion the size of your palm.  Diets don’t work, lifestyle changes work!

5.  10 PM Hit the Hay

Two hours before you go to bed, you must stop eating (so around 8 pm).  Don’t eat anything else after this point.  A good trick is to drink some Chamomile Herb Tea if you become hungry at night.

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