Dr Oz & Rocco The Cowboy’s $5 or Less Fitness Plan


Doctor Oz send Rocco the Cowboy, who lost over 50 pounds of his own, to help challenge a neighborhood in Riverside, California to get healthy with a $5 Fitness Plan (actually, a $5 or Less Fitness Plan!).  First, Rocco taught them how to go horseback riding at El Camino Ranch, because you can lose 400 calories an hour doing horseback riding.  Plus, horseback riding is tons of fun… I think I just might start getting back into horseback riding myself!  $5 or Less Fitness Plan

$5 or Less Fitness Plan

1.  Phone  A Friend: This is the concept of the buddy system and it costs nothing.  If you get the craving for fast food or don’t feel like going out for a walk, phone a friend who will encourage you to make the healthy choice.


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