Dr Oz: Rooibos Tea Face Mask, Nettle Tea & Sage Tea: Herbal Teas

Dr Oz Herbal Teas

Dr Oz Healing Herbal Teas For Instant Relief

Doctor Oz did a segment on Healing Herbal Teas to relieve everything from rashes to allergies to depression.  He was joined by Martin Ekechukwu, a tea expert, who spoke about Rooibos Tea, Sage Tea and Nettle Tea.

Dr Oz: Sage Tea For Depression

Dr Oz said that Sage Tea can boost your mood and is a plant that is commonly used in cooking.  Sage Tea increases Dr Oz Herbal Teasalertness, improves your mood, releases anxiety and decreases inflammation in your body.  Martin Ekechukwu said that the best way to make Sage Tea is to brew down some fresh sage leaves from your grocery store and to add some brewed black tea, because otherwise the Sage Tea alone can be bitter.  He also recommended adding a touch of honey.

Dr Oz: Rooibos Tea For Eczema & Rashes

Dr Oz said that Rooibos Tea is great for Skin Irritations including eczema and rashes.  Rooibos Tea is high in antioxidants and used in South Africa to treat Irritated Skin.  Plus, Rooibos Tea is high in polyphenols which help relieve the itching associated with Contact Dermatitis and Eczema.  Martin Ekechukwu said that Rooibos Tea has a great flavor to drink, but you can also make a paste out of it and apply it to your face for a Rooibos Tea Face Mask to soothe rashes and skin irritation.  It sounded like he was suggesting that you make a paste out of the tea leaves in the tea bag after the tea has been brewed, but I am not 100% sure… so if anyone knows or tries this out, please leave a comment below!

Dr Oz: Nettle Tea For Allergies & Hay Fever

Dr Oz said that Stinging Nettle Tea prevents Hay Fever and blocks histamines that cause allergies.  Martin Ekechukwu said to make a big pot of Nettle Tea and to keep it in your fridge, then to add a lime after a few days because it is dense.  He also said that Nettle Tea is caffeine free, so you can use this Allergy Remedy for your whole family – even for kids!


  1. says

    Re: Rooibos Tea – we are a tea wholesaler in Parksville BC and import Rooibos Teas from South Africa. Regarding the comment on this tea being great for Eczema and other skin irritations – yes this is true. The solution is to make a pot of tea – let it cool down then dap the tea directly onto irritated skin with a cottom ball etc. The Ecxema should be gone in a few days.
    The south African people have been using this tea for centuries for all kind of things.
    Hope this helps

  2. Gertrude "Trudy" says

    1, re sage tea for depression: sage need not be in form of a tea. Add sage to salted cornmeal, add boiling water, pat into patties, fry in bacon grease or un-hydrogenated lard (they hold up better under 400 degree frying heat without turning into trans-fat so readily). Old southern dish. Rosemary tea is also good for a mood lift, I found out when I had flu. Add fresh lemon juice to any tea; it seems to work better.
    2. re rooibos tea for eczema. Days–too long to itch. When I got hives late one night, I smeared on Vicks salve (Rite-Aid brand knock-off). Itching was gone instantly, hives were cleared up by morning. Wonder if it would be worth a try for eczema itch.

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