Dr Oz: Rosacea Remedy Licorice Root Extract & Rosacea Causes


– Vodka or alcohol in general

– Soap, especially bubble bath with fragrances are big trouble

– Peppers and Spicy Foods

Dr Oz: Licorice Extract for Rosacea

Dr Oz said that the following things will help to cure Rosacea:

– Green tea

– Licorice Root Extract, which reduces inflammation in your skin and is often used in Chinese Rosacea Remedies


  1. Sheila says

    Licorice root extract…what do you do with it to cure Rosacea? How long do you use it? Will the Rosacea come back?

  2. Wanda Cudzilo says

    Have you ever heard of Sleep Paralysis
    If so what causes it, and what can prevent it. I am 53 years old, and I have had Sleep Paralysis since I was 15 years of age. Sometimes it is worse than others.
    Thank you

  3. Nancy Huimfleet says

    How do you apply licorice extract on your face for Rosacea and how often do you use it?

  4. Katie W says

    I saw the Dr. Oz show where he spoke about rosacea and you use a tincture of licorice in liquid, you can add it to green tea which he also recommends drinking several times a day. I use a decaffeinated green tea.

    Plus he recommended tea tree oil which you can find in soap. Tea tree oil can be applied to your face with a cotton ball but I like the soap.

  5. Beverly Lewis says

    On Tuesday’s show he recommended Licorice root tea for relaxing. He forgot to mention that licorice root has some bad side effects .It causes fluid retention therefore should NOT be used by persons with high blood pressure and pregnant women who are subject to edema.

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