Dr Oz: Rosemary Essential Oil Remedies & Rosemary Iced Tea Recipe

Dr Oz: Rosemary Remedies

Dr Oz did a segment on Rosemary, which is a natural herb that fights Cancer, improves memory and can ease aches and pains.  Doctor Oz gave great tips like a Rosemary Iced Tea Recipe to prevent gas and bloating and a Rosemary Body Balm made out of Rosemary Essential Oil to help relax your muscles.  I love when he does segments with Natural Remedies!

Dr Oz: Rosemary Tea Recipe

Doctor Oz said that Rosemary helps to eliminate your body’s ability to produce gas and to get bloated.  He suggested drinking 3 cups of Rosemary Dr Oz RosemaryHerbal Tea every day.  You can make the tea by steeping 1 TB of dried Rosemary Leaves in 3 cups of boiling water.  Then chill it in the fridge to make an iced tea, and serve it over ice.

Dr Oz: Rosemary BBQ Fights Cancer

Dr Oz’s next tip is to use Rosemary to fight Cancer when you barbeque.  A BBQ can create carcinogens in the food that you eat, so you want to avoid this because it can cause Stomach Cancer, Colon Cancer and generally is bad for your digestive tract.  Instead, place long rosemary twigs across the grates of your grill and place the meat on top of the rosemary when you grill out.  The antioxidants from the Rosemary will go into your food and help fight Cancer.

Dr Oz: Rosemary Improves Memory

Doctor Oz said that Rosemary is great for your memory.  The part of your that is responsible for memory is the Hippocampus.  If you were to slice a brain in half, the Hippocampus would be in the lower portion.  The fragrance of Rosemary triggers neurons and wakes them up so that you can remember things better.  This is whey doctors in Ancient Greece would wear garlands of rosemary, because they said it helped them to remember things better.  Since most of us won’t be wearing strands of rosemary though, you can improve your memory by smelling Rosemary Essential Oil.

Dr Oz: Rosemary Body Balm

Dr Oz’s final tip for Rosemary is to use it for its therapeutic properties to relax your muscles. You can make a Rosemary Body Balm with Jojoba Oil and Rosemary Essential Oil, but make sure to leave it on your skin for a minute or two to get the maximum benefit.  The Jojoba Oil helps to lighten up the massage oil so that it is not too strong or overpowering.


  1. ashley says

    is that all it is for the rosemary tea, or do you need a tea bag with it?? i keep trying to find it on his website but its not there!!!

  2. says

    I do not think you need anything else to make the rosemary tea, though I suppose you could also add a regular tea bag if your prefer the taste. I also found packaged rosemary tea bags that seem like a pretty convenient option. Here is the link: Rosemary Leaf Tea Bags

  3. Donna says

    my husband is taking rosemary oil but the bottle says for external use only he said Dr Oz said it ws ok to take internally? I don’t think so please advise

  4. Alta Carstens of RSA says

    I have a herb garden…..I know you can take a thumb length sprig of Rosemary in a cup of boiling water…..this also contains anti inflammatory and I use is for medicinal purposes. I don’t add any sweetner…ussualy use honey in my herb teas, but this is not so bad to take without honey. Please grow your own Rosemary…..it really is healthy. 🙂

  5. Alta Carstens of RSA says

    You can add Rooibos teabags if you like (with the Rosemary), but you cannot take Rosemary oil….it is only for external use.

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