Dr Oz: Ruby Gettinger Mentors 700 Lb Lady Colleen Williams


Doctor Oz introduced us to a 700 Pound Woman named Colleen Williams in his first segment today (here is the recap in case you missed it: 700 Lb Woman Colleen Williams).  Then Dr Oz continued to take the first steps with Colleen on her way to getting healthy.  She went for medical tests for the first time in 15 years to the Arizona Weight Loss Solutions Clinic, met her mentor Ruby Gettinger, received help from eating addiction specialist Kim Lipsman and got a full year membership with a personal trainer at Valley Total Fitness.

Dr Oz: Arizona Weight Loss Solutions Clinic

Dr Oz took Colleen Williams to the Arizona Weight Loss Solutions Clinic to meet with a whole team of specialists.  Dr Steven Simon and Dr John Houston, Dr Oz 700 Lb Ladyspecialists in morbid obesity, were the first to meet with Colleen and told her that she would need nutritional training and then someone to check to make sure she is applying it to her daily living.  Next, Nancy DeLuca, a dietitian, said that one reason obese individuals feel hungry is because they are overweight but undernourished, which triggers you to eat.  Then Colleen met with Kevin Olen, a psychologist, who told her that her relationship with food must shift so that she only uses food for nutrition and to live.

Dr Oz: Biophysical 250 Blood Test

Perhaps the most emotional part of the entire show was watching Colleen Williams struggle over the idea of having blood drawn, which would really give the doctors a good idea of what is going on inside of her.  Dr Oz explained to her that with the Biophysical 250 blood test, it is just one needle stick and they draw all the blood that they need to do 250 different tests.  Colleen was crying and nearly hysterical because she was scared and anxiety and panic was overriding anything her brain was trying to tell her.  Dr Oz asked her to trust him and to say that she wants the needle stuck into her skin and blood drawn so that she can get help.  Eventually Colleen overcame her fear and they drew quite a few tubes of blood.  Dr Oz said that this was the biggest transformation from a needle stick that he has ever seen in his life.

Dr Oz: Colleen Williams Truth Tube

Dr Oz shared with Colleen some of her medical test results from being at the Arizona Weight Loss Solutions clinic.


  1. AngelaA says

    Dear Colleen,
    A very good friend of mine saw Dr. Oz’s program with you as a guest, and she felt that I should come to the website and read the recap. I am so glad that I did, and I wish that I knew that it was on television.
    Like you, I am facing very big challenges in my life with my morbid obesity. When I read about you, I saw myself. My life is on the line right now as I type this.
    I have battled obesity nearly all of my life. I am 48 years old. Last June, I weighed almost 700 pounds. I knew then that if I did not do something, and soon, I would not live much longer. I have numerous health problems that are made worse by my weight.
    So, last June, I began my own journey. It has been the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. As of January when i weighed at the doctor’s office during an appointment, I had lost
    149 pounds. I go back in two weeks. I will see how I have done then.
    When I began this, I had just about reached the point that I could hardly walk at all. Getting out of bed was a nightmare in itself, and I was afraid I could become completely bedridden. I could not sit up in bed past a few minutes because it hurt so badly. I could not raise my arms upward.
    I began exercising in bed, a movement at a time. I am now able to exercise 2 1/2 hours a day, 6 days a week, but it has been a hell like no other because of so much pain. Sometimes, I feel like achieving all of this is so much bigger than I am. But I read your story, and I am so glad that I did.
    You give me strength and encouragement to keep on going. I realize that I am a food addict and what I must do must be for life. Thank you for coming on the show. You are an inspiration, both you and Ruby. I will pray for you all as you continue your weight loss journeys. Take things a step at a time. You are not alone. The Lord is with you, and He has sent wonderful people to help you. May God bless you both.

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